Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS II

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This volume contains the proceedings of the Tenth International Converence on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS X). It covers a diverse field of research ranging from environmental problems to depth profiling and semiconductors. In doing so, it provides an excellent overview of current research and technology by acknowledged experts in their specialised fields.

I. Fundamentals Chairpersons: D.E. Harrison and C.A. Evans, Jr..- Invited: The Dynamics of Ion-Solid Interactions: A Basis for Understanding SIMS.- Invited: Simultaneous Measurements of Photon and Secondary Ion Emissions from Ion-Bombarded Metal Surfaces.- Atom Ejection Mechanisms and Models.- New Models of Sputtering and Ion Knock-On Mixing.- Clustering Distances in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Basic Aspects in the Sputtering of Atoms, Ions, and Excited States.- Cluster Formation in SIMS: CO on PdAg.- Effect of Partial Oxygen Pressure on Metal Single Crystals Bombarded by Noble Gas Ions.- A Comparison of Absolute Yields of Excited Neutrals and Positive Ions from Ion-Bombarded Surfaces.- Correlation Between the Spectral Ionization Probability of Sputtered Atoms and the Electron Density of States.- Physical Aspects of the Valence Model's Parameters.- Negative Ion Emission from Surfaces Covered with Cesium and Bombarded by Noble Gas Ions.- Angle-Resolved SIMSA New Technique for the Determination of Surface Structure.- II. Quantitation Chairpersons: D.B. Wittry and P. Williams.- Invited: Factors Influencing Secondary Ion Yields.- Invited: Instrumental Effects on Quantitative Analysis by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- A Quantitative Model for the Effects on Secondary Ion Emission of Gaseous Absorption at Solid Surfaces Under Noble Gas Ion Bombardment.- The Application of Ion Implantation to Quantitative SIMS Analysis.- Energy Filtering and Quantitative SIMS Analysis of Silicates for Major and Trace Elements.- Quantitative Analysis of Doped GaAs by Quadrupole SIMS.- Trace Element Analysis of Silicates by Ion Microprobe.- Imaging of Element Distributions by Ion Microprobe.- Secondary Ion Emission from Titanium Alloys Under Argon and Oxygen Bombardment.- Effect of Alloying in Secondary Ion Emission from AgPd and CrNi Systems.- III. Semiconductors Chairpersons: C.W. Magee and W. Werner.- Invited: Quantitation of SIMS for Semiconductor Processing Technology.- Problems Encountered in Depth Profiling of Nitrogen and Oxygen in Silicon by Means of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Depth Profiling of Phosphorus in Silicon Using Cesium Bombardment Negative SIMS.- Chromium and Iron Determination in GaAs Epitaxial Layers.- Thermal Redistribution of Cr in GaAs Due to Damage, Stress and Concentration Gradients.- On-Line Sputter Rate Measurements During SIMS, AES Depth Profiling.- Laser Induced Redistribution of Ion Implanted and Surface Deposited B in Silicon: A SIMS Study.- SIMS Identification of Impurity Segregation to Grain Boundaries in Cast Multigrained Silicon.- SIMS Studies in Compound Semiconductors.- Characterization for Composition and Uniformity of MCVD Glass Film by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).- SIMS Study of Metallized Silicon Semiconductors.- IV. Static SIMS Chairperson: A. Benninghoven.- Invited: Molecular Secondary Ion Emission.- Invited: Analytical Applications of SIMS.- Static SIMS Investigations of Ami no Acid Mixtures.- Static SIMS of Ami no Acid Overlayers.- Static SIMS Studies of Metal-Covered W(110) Surfaces.- Investigation of Surface Reactions by SIMS: Nickel-Oxygen-Hydrogen- Interacti on.- Study of Inorganic Salts by Static and Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).- Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Ami no Acids by Proton and Alkali Ion Attachment.- V. Metallurgy Chairpersons: J.D. Brown and A.P. von Rosenstiel.- Invited: Application of SIMS to Analysis of Steels.- Investigation of Metal Corrosion Mechanisms Using Stable Isotopes with the Ion Microprobe.- Investigations of Corrosion Layers on Mild Steel with a Direct Imaging Mass Spectrometer.- The Use of SIMS in the Oxidation of Metals.- Influence of Atomic Concentrations on Ion Emission Yields of Alloys Flooded with Oxygen.- Application of SIMS and AES to Environmental Studies of Fatigue Crack Growth in Aluminum Alloys.- Application of Ion Microprobe to Surface Properties of Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet.- Some Applications of SIMS and Other Surface Sensitive Techniques for the Chemical Characterization of Industrial Steel Surfaces.- VI. Instrumentation Chairpersons: D.S. Simons and F.G. Rüdenauer.- Invited: Analytical Requirements of SIMS and the Instrumental Implications.- Invited: Some Considerations on Secondary Ion Optics.- A Compact Cs-Evaporator for High Sensitivity SIMS.- Comparison of Laser Ionization and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Organic Materials Analysis.- Application to Semiconductor Characterization of a Mass-Filtered, Microfocussed Ion Gun and High-Transmission Quadrupole.- Transmission of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers for SIMS Studies.- SIMS Apparatus to Study Ion Impact Desorption.- Digital Mass Control for an Ion Microprobe Mass Analyzer.- Computer-Controlled Peak-Top Search Procedure.- A Computer-Based Instrument Control and Data Acquisition System for a Quadrupole Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Instrument.- How to Make the Most of the SIMS Method by Means of the Scanning Ion Microscope A-DIDA.- Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry Using a Microwave Plasma.- Investigation of Monolayers at High Primary Ion Current Densities.- VII. Geology Chairpersons: J. Okano and C. Meyer.- SIMS Measurement of Mg Isotopic Ratio in a Chondrite.- Negative Molecular Ion Analysis of Inorganic Sulfur-Oxygen Salts by SIMS.- SIMS Measurements of Tracer Diffusivity of Oxygen in Titaniun Dioxides and Sulfur in a Calcium Sulfide.- SIMS Analysis of TiO2, Including Depth Profiling.- Ion Microprobe Analysis of Small Heavy Metal Particles and Their Compounds.- VIII. Panel Discussion Chairperson: I.L. Kofsky.- Applications of Particle Accelerator-Assisted Ultra-High Sensitivity SIMS.- IX. Biology Chairpersons: M.S. Burns and G.H. Morrison.- Invited: Biomedical Applications of Secondary Ion Emission MicroAnalysis.- Diffusible Ion Localization in Biological Tissue by Ion Microscopy.- Determination of Isotope Ratios of Calcium and Iron in Human Blood by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Biogenic and Non-Biogenic Carbonates of Calcium and Magnesium: New Studies by Secondary Ion Imaging.- Localization of Elements in Botanical Materials by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Secondary Ion Emission Microanalysis of the Pigments Associated with the Eye: Preliminary Data.- Comparison of Spectra of Biochemical Compounds and Tissue Preparations.- X. Combined Techniques Chairpersons: C. Johnson and W.H. Christie.- Invited: High Sensitivity SIMS Using DC Accelerators.- Combined SIMS, AES, and XPS Investigations of Oxygen-Covered 3d Transition Metal Surfaces.- Oxidation of Nickel Base Alloys Flooded with Oxygen Under Ionic Bombardment.- Matrix Effect Studies by Comparative SNMS and SIMS of Oxidized Ce, Gd and Ta Surfaces.- XPS/LEED/SIMS Study of the Ni(100)/02 System: Origin of the Two 0(1s) Features.- Combined SIMS, AES and XPS Study of CdxHg1_xTe.- SIMS Depth Profiling of Thin and Ultrathin Films of Covalently Bonded Organic Overlayers.- Alpha-Recoil and Fission Fragment Induced Desorption of Secondary Ions.- XI. Postdeadline Papers.- Use of the IMS-3f High Mass Resolving Power.- The Bombardment Angle Dependence of the Sputtering and Secondary Ion Yield for Oxygen Ion Bombardment of Silicon.- Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Small Molecules Held at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Index of Authors.

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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS II
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS II) Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA August 27-31, 1979
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H229mm x B152mm x T17mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1979
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