Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS III

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Following the biannual meetings in MUnster (1977) and Stanford (1979) the Third International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy was held in Budapest from August 31 to September 5, 1981. The Conference was attended by about 250 participants. The success of the 1981 Conference in Budapest was especially due to the excellent preparation and organization by the Local Organizing Committee. We would also like to acknowledge the generous hospitality and cooperation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Japan was chosen to be the location for the next conference in 1983. SIMS conferences are devoted to two main issues: improving the application of SIMS in different and especially new fields, and understanding the ion formation process. Needless to say, there is a very strong interaction be tween these two issues. The major reason for the rapid increase in SIMS activities in the last few years is the fact that SIMS is a powerful tool for bulk, thin-film, and surface analysis. Today it is extensively and successfully applied in such different fields as depth profiling and imaging of semiconductor devices, in isotope analysis of minerals, in imaging biological tissues, in the study of catalysts and catalytic reactions, in oxide-layer analysis on metals in drug detection, and in the analysis of body fluids.


This volume contains the proceedings of the Tenth International Converence on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS X). It covers a diverse field of research ranging from environmental problems to depth profiling and semiconductors. In doing so, it provides an excellent overview of current research and technology by acknowledged experts in their specialised fields.

I. Instrumentation.- Instrumental Aspects of Spatially 3-Dimensional SIMS Analysis.- Some Problems of Construction Implied by Requirements of Up-To-Date SIMS Instrumentation.- Description and Applications of a New Design Cs+ Ion Source on the COALA Ion Microprobe for Negative Ion SIMS.- Operational Data of a Simple Microfocus Gun Using an EHD-Type Indium Ion Source.- First Results on a Scanning Ion Microprobe Equipped with an EHD-Type Indium Primary Ion Source.- Simple Double-Channel SIMS Instrument.- Principles and Applications of a Dual Primary Ion Source and Mass Filter for an Ion Microanalyser.- A Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with Energy Filtering for SIMS Studies.- Development and Operation of Special SIMS-Equipment for Use in Iron and Steel Analysis.- Design Concept of a New Secondary Ion Optics System for Use with Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers.- Improved Analysis of Insulators in an ARL IMMA Using Positive Primary Ions and an Electron Gun.- Performance and Use of Dissector Ion Microanalyzer.- Distortion of Secondary Ion Extraction Due to Sample Surface Irregularities.- A Combined Direct Imaging Laser Ionization Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometer.- Advances in Ion Probes A-DIDA.- A Novel Ion Etching Unit Applicable for Depth Profiling with SIMS and IIR.- Improvements and Applications of the Riber MIQ 156.- II. Fundamentals I. Ion Formation.- Molecule Formation in Oxide Sputtering.- Dependence of Ionization Yields Upon Elemental Composition; Isotopic Variations.- Measurements of the Energy Distributions of Positive Secondary Ions in the Energy Range from 0 to About 500 eV.- Ion Dose Effects in Static SIMS.- Current Density Effects on Secondary Ion Emission from Multicomponent Targets.- Isotope Effect in Secondary Ion Emission.- Caesiated Surfaces and Negative Ion Emission.- Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Organic Compounds; A Comparison with Other Methods (EI, CI, FI, FD, FAB).- Secondary Ion Emission from NbV-Alloys.- III. Fundamentals Il. Depth Profiling.- Depth Profiling by SIMS: Depth Resolution, Dynamic Range and Sensitivity.- Disturbing Effects in Sputter Profiling.- The Theory of Concentration Depth Profiling by Sputter Etching.- Surface Topography Development During SIMS Investigations and Using it to Get Additional Information on Polycrystalline and Heterogeneous Solids.- Sputtering of Metals with 20 keV O2+; Characteristic Etch Patterns, Sputtered Atom Yields and Secondary Ion Mass Spectra.- Depth Resolution of Ion Bombardment Technique Applied to NiPd, PiPt, PtPd Thin Layer Systems.- The Influence of Ion Bombardment on the Results of AES-Depth Profiling on Silicides.- A Study of Secondary Ion Energy Distributions During Sputtering of MIS Layer Structures.- Structural Effects in SIMS at the Depth Profiling of Boron Implanted Silicon.- Comparison of Compositional Thin Film Depth Profiling Obtained by SIMS, IIR and AES.- IV. Quantification.- Quantification of SIMS.- Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Standard Iron Alloys by SIMS Technique.- Application of the LTE Model to Quantifying the Secondary Ion Spectra of Steels.- Modification of the MISR Method with the Use of Implantation of Standard Elements.- Use of Ionic Implantation for Quantification of SIMS Analysis in Metals and Oxides Application to Corrosion Studies.- Secondary Ion Emission from Binary and Ternary Amorphous Alloys.- Experimental Procedures for Quantitative Analysis of Silicate Minerals.- SIMS Isotopic Measurements at High Mass Resolution.- Computer Peak Identification and Evaluation of SIMS Spectra.- V. Application I. Depth Profiling.- Depth Profiling of Copper Atoms Gettered in Ion-Damaged GaP.- The Optimisation of SIMS for the Analysis of Semiconductor Materials.- Impurity Redistribution in GaAs Epilayers.- Quantitative Distribution Analysis of B, As and P in Si for Process Simulation.- High Spatial Resolution SIMS Depth Profiling of Cr Dopant in CdSe Thin Film Transistors.- SIMS Investigation of p-n Junction Quality in Ion Implanted cw Laser Annealed Silicon.- Profiles of Implanted or Diffused Dopants (Be, Zn, Cr, Se) in Indium Phosphide.- Applications of SIMS in Studies of Slow Diffusion and Isotope Diffusion.- Rapid Diffusion and Gettering Studies of Bulk Oxygen in Silicon by Cs/SIMS.- Water Diffusion in Fused Silica and Iron-Making Slag.- Combined SIMS-AES-XPS Investigation of the Composition and Interface Structure of Anodic Oxide Layers on Cd0.2Hg0.8Te (CMT).- VI. Application II. Surface Studies, Ion Microscopy.- The Chemical Composition of Oxide Films on Aluminium and Its Influence on Surface Properties Studied by SIMS, XPS and AES.- Study of the Adsorption of Water on Titania by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- SIMS Studies on Oxygen Adsorption on Aluminium and Its Alloys.- Oxidation and Segregation at the Surfaces of Different Aluminium Foils and Sheets.- Oxygen Adsorption on Polycrystalline Pt3Pb at Elevated Temperatures. A SIMS Study.- SIMS Investigations on TiFe Nitrided by NH3-Pretreatment.- SIMS/TDMS Studies of Hydrocarbon Interaction with Nickel.- SIMS Investigation of Adsorption and Chemical Modification of C2H4 and C2H2 on a Polycrystalline Ni-Surface.- Secondary Ion Emission from UHV-Deposited Amino Acid Overlayers on Clean Metal Surfaces.- SIMS Investigation of Adsorption of O2, H2O, CO, CO2, CH2O, and CH3OH and Coadsorption of O2 with CH2O and CH3OH on Polycrystalline Silver Surfaces.- Distribution of Ni, Co, Ga, and Cu in Iron Meteorities.- Metallurgical Applications of Ionic Microscopy.- Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Organic Compounds.- Index of Contributors.

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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS III
Proceedings of the Third International Conference, Technical University, Budapest, Hungary, August 30-September 5, 1981
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H235mm x B155mm x T24mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982
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