Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS IV

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This volume contains full proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS-IV), held in the Minoo-Kanko Hotel, Osaka, Japan, from November 13th to 19th, 1983. Coordinated by a local or ganizing committee under the auspices of the international organizing com mittee, it followed earlier conferences held in MUnster (1977), Stanford (1979), and Budapest (1981). The conference was attended by about 250 participants from 18 countries, and 130 papers including 24 invited ones were presented. Reflecting the rap idly expanding activities in the SIMS field, informative papers were pre sented containing up-to-date information on SIMS and various related fields. The proceedings focussed upon six main issues: (1) Fundamentals of sput tering and secondary ion formation. (2) Recent progress in instrumentation, including submicron SIMS and image processing. (3) SIMS combined with other surface analysis techniques. (4) Outstanding SIMS-related analytical methods such as laser-microprobe SIMS, sputtered neutral mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry of sputtered neutrals by multi-photon resonance ionization, and accelerator-based SIMS. (5) Organic SIMS and FAB which has recently become a rapidly expanding technique in pharmacy, biotechnology, etc. (6) Appl ica tions of SIMS to various fields such as metallurgy, geology, and biology, including depth profiling of semiconductors, and analysis of inorganic mate rials. As a venue for the exchange of ideas and information concerning all the above issues, the conference proved a great success.


This volume contains the proceedings of the Tenth International Converence on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS X). It covers a diverse field of research ranging from environmental problems to depth profiling and semiconductors. In doing so, it provides an excellent overview of current research and technology by acknowledged experts in their specialised fields.

I Fundamentals.- Fundamentals of Sputtering..- Sputtered Atom Yields and Ionization Probabilities of Binary Alloys Under O2+ Bombardment..- Sputtering and Secondary Ion Yields of Ti-Al Alloys Subjected to Oxygen Ion Bombardment..- Outermost Surface Composition of Au-Cu Alloys Under Ion Bombardment of Different Current Densities of Ar+ Ions..- Secondary Dimer Ion Emission Probability in Sputtering Cu-Ni Alloy.- Empirical Formula for Sputtering Yield and Z2 Dependence of Its Q Values.- Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulation Investigation of Target Damage Created by Ion Bombardment..- Simulation of Ion Sputtering Process on the Binary Alloy.- Secondary Ion Emission from Si Subjected to Oxygen Ion Bombardment.- Surface Structure of Oxidized Metals Bombarded by Incident Ions.- The Effect of Energetic Electrons on the Secondary Ion Emission.- Influence of Alkali Metals on the Negative Secondary Ion Emission from Silicon..- Secondary Ion Emission Peculiarities at Metal Interfaces.- Intensities and Energy Spectra of Secondary Ions Sputtered from Fe-Al Alloys by Ar+ Ion Bombardment in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- CF3+: An Alternative Primary Beam Source for the Sensitive Detection of Electropositive Elements in SIMS..- Hydrogen Ion Bombardment in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Electron Tunneling and the Emission of Secondary Ions from Silicon Surfaces.- Detection of Sputtered Neutrals by Multiphoton Resonance Ionization.- The Energy Dependence of the Ionisation Coefficient in SIMS.- Accurate Measurement of Energy Distribution Curves of Secondary Ions by UHV-IMMA..- Energy Distribution of Positive Secondary Ions from Pure Elements and Amorphous Alloys..- Energy Distribution of Secondary Ions Emitted from Silicate Minerals.- A Retarding-Accelerating Energy Analyser for SIMS..- II Quantification.- Current Status of Sputtered Ion Emission Models..- LTE Quantification of SIMS of Ni-Cr Alloy.- Simplified IMISR Method with Computer Data Acquisition..- Relative Sensitivity Factor of Compound Semiconductor by SIMS.- Quantitative Ion Probe Analysis of Oxidized Surface Using N2+ Primary Ion..- Oxygen Effect on Secondary Ion Yield in Oxygen-Doped Silicon.- The Role of Standards in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- SIMS Quantitative Analysis of Impurities in GaAs Using Multi-Element-Doped GaAs..- SIMS Quantitative Analysis of Gallium in Silicon by Using Ion-Implanted Samples for Standards..- III Instrumentation.- Ion Gun Systems for Submicron SIMS..- Submicron Ion Probes..- Optimization of High Brightness Cs Ion Source and Ion Optics for UHV-IMMA..- A New Type Surface Ionization Source with an Additional Mode of Electrohydrodynamic Ionization for SIMS..- A Study of Argon Ion Gun in SIMS..- Liquid Metal Ion Sources for Scanning SIMS.- SIMS with Very High Spatial Resolution Using Liquid Metal Ion Sources.- Development of High Performance Ion Microanalyzer..- MIQ-156 MARK II A Highly Advanced and Versatile Quadrupole SIMS Instrument, with Dual Primary Ion Source.- Development of Shielded Ion Microprobe Analyser for Irradiated Fast Reactor Fuel and Material Examination..- Parameters Influencing Ion Intensities for Quadrupole SIMS Instruments.- Isotopic Measurements at High Mass Resolution by Electrostatic Peak Switching..- Laser Microprobe Mass Spectrometry..- Metastable Molecular Ion Emission from Semiconductor Surfaces Under N2 Laser Irradiation..- Laser-Induced Sputtering from CdS and GaAs..- SIMS at Higher Energies..- The Radiocarbon Measurement with the Tandem Accelerator at Nagoya University..- Image Processing SIMS..- Evaluation of Metal Interaction by Color Display SIMS Technique.- A Comparison of Camera-Based and Quantized Detectors for Image Processing on an Ion Microscope..- Automation of an Ion Microprobe Mass Analyzer.- IV Combined and Static SIMS.- Ultra-High Vacuum SIMS: A Pilgrim's Journey Through History.- Single Crystal Surface Structure Studies with Static SIMS.- Ion Dose Effect in Thin Film Formation on Nb(100).- A Low-Energy SIMS Investigation on Thermal Diffusion on Vapor-Deposited Nickel on Copper Substrate.- SIMS Combined with Other Methods of Surface Analysis..- Combined SIMS and Electron Spectroscopy Investigation of the Chemical State of Some Ion-Implanted Transition Metals and Steels.- SIMS-Auger Analysis of Organic Films on Gallium Arsenide.- SIMS and AES Studies of Ni-Zn Alloys..- The Application of SIMS and other Surface Techniques to the Study of Antimony-Doped Tin oxide Surfaces..- Silver Catalyst for Partial oxidation of Methanol. Reaction Path and Catalyst Poisoning by Iron. A Combined SIMS, TDMS, AES, XPS and ISS Study..- Behavior of Inorganic Materials on Catalysts Used for Coal Liquefaction.- Quantitative Investigation of As Segregation at the SiO2/Si Interface by SIMS and RBS..- Low Energy Oxygen Ion Implantation and Ion-Bombardment Induced oxidation of Silicon, Studied by SIMS, AES and XPS.- The Effects of Ion Beam Sputtering on the Chemical State of Metal oxide Surfaces..- Combined Spectrometer with the Techniques of SIMS, ISS, AES and XPS.- V Application to Semiconductor and Depth Profiling.- The Use of SIMS for Semiconductor Processing Technology: The Influence of Oxygen at Depth Profiling..- Photon Radiation Annealing of Ion-Implanted Silicon.- Quantification of Silicon Wafer Cleaning Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy..- SIMS Study of Surface Contamination Due to Ion Implantation.- Quantitative Analysis of Amorphous Silicon Nitride Using SIMS.- The Contribution of SIMS to the Characterization of III-V Compounds.- Effects of Donor Impurities on the Redistribution of Mn Acceptors in In1?XGaXAs..- Residual Donor Impurities in Undoped LEC SI-GaAs Crystals.- Quantitative Depth Profile Analysis by Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (SNMS)..- Practical Limitations in Depth Profiling of Low Energy Implants into Amorphised and Crystalline Silicon..- Depth Profiling of Dopant Distribution in Small Area Transistors.- Comparison of Oxygen and Indium Primary Ion Beams for SIMS-Depth Profiling..- Application of Computer-Controlled SIMS to Depth Profiling of Impurities Implanted in Silicon with High Dose of B+ or BF2+ Ions.- Improvements in the Routine Depth Profiling of Doping Elements.- Aspects of SIMS Evaluation of Tracer Diffusion and Its Isotope Effect..- High-Performance Depth Profiling with a Quadrupole-Based SIMS Instrument..- Depth Profiling of Evaporated Se-Te Films with SIMS..- Depth Profiling of Heat-Treated Mo Films on SiO2/Si Substrates.- SIMS Depth Profiling of Shallow As Implants in Si and SiO2.- Depth Profiling by SIMS to Minimize Charging Effects.- Quantitative Depth Profiling of B and P in Borophosphosilicate Glass.- Investigation of Gas Phase Ions with a Quadrupole SIMS Instrument.- VI Organic SIMS.- Organic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry..- Characteristics of Molecular Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Mechanisms of Organic Molecule Ejection in SIMS and FABMS Experiments.- Comparison of the Laser Mass Spectra and SIMS Spectra of Amino Acids.- Laser Desorption Mass Spectrometry of Complex Biomolecules at High Laser Power Density..- Organic SIMS Studies with a Hollow Anode Ion Source..- An Apparatus for Studying Liquid Matrix Assisted Organic Secondary Ion Processes..- Comparison of Three Source Geometries for Cs+ Liquid SIMS.- Study of Metastable Ions from Molecular Species Produced by Molecular Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry..- Monte Carlo Simulation of an Ion Sputtering Process of Polymer Materials..- Depth Profiling of Polymer Blends and Optical Fiber with the Aid of SIMS..- Application of SIMS Technique to Organic Polymers..- Analysis of Molecular Species of Organic Compounds Dispersed in Polymer Layer Using LDMS and SIMS..- Cesium Ion Liquid Matrix Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Its Impact on the Characterization of Free Labile Biological Substances.- A New Time-of-Flight Instrument for SIMS and Its Application to Organic Compounds..- Analysis of CsI and Peptide Mixture by Molecular SIMS..- Sequencing of Peptides by SIMS from the C or N Terminus.- Secondary Ion Mass Spectra of Triterpenoidal Oligoglycoside.- Structural Characterization of Naturally Occurring Oligosaccharides by Matrix-Assisted Molecular Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- Characteristics of Peptide Fragmentation Patterns in Molecular Secondary Ion (SI) Mass Spectra.- VII Application.- Metallic and Inorganic Materials.- Detection of Hydrogen in Steel Using SIMS.- Surface Analysis Applied to Cold Rolled Steel Sheets..- Effects of Atmosphere Upon SIMS Analysis of Oxygen Isotopes in Oxides and Accurate Determination of Tracer Diffusivity of Oxygen.- Tracer Diffusion Coefficient of Oxide Ions in LaFeO3 by SIMS Measurement..- A Study by Low Energy SIMS of Chromium Behavior in an Oxide Film of Low-Chromium Steel..- FAB-SIMS Study for Analysis of Insulators.- Geology.- Geological Applications of SIMS..- Mineral/Groundmass Partitioning for Chrome Spinel in Boninite.- Quantitative SIMS Analysis of Metastable Plagioclase in Bøggild Intergrowth..- SIMS Study on Ion Impact Desorption of Water from Silica Gel.- Molecular Ion Suppression in the Secondary Ion Mass Spectra of Minerals..- Self-Diffusion of Silicon and Oxygen in Silicate Melts: An Experimental Study..- Quantitative Analysis of Metallic Ions Associated with Fluid Inclusion.- SIMS Measurement of Magnesium Isotopic Ratios in Primitive Meteorites.- Biology.- Sensitivity and Quantitation of SIMS as Applied to Biomineralizations.- SIMS in Biology and Medicine..- Cell Cultures: An Alternative in Biological Ion Microscopy.- Secondary Ion Emission Microanalysis Applied to the Uranium Detection in Aquatic Organisms..- Tissue Microlocalization of Isotopes by Ion Microscopy and by Microautoradiography..- An Empirical Approach to Quantitative Analysis of Biological Samples by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).- Index of Contributors.

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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS IV
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference, Osaka, Japan, November 13-19, 1983
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H235mm x B155mm x T28mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984
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