Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology

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With a foreword written by a Nobel Laureate, this book describes the development and current state-of-the-art in single molecule spectroscopy. The application of this technique, which started 1989, in physics, chemistry and biosciences is displayed.

By selecting the ?rst week of June 2008 for the Nobel Symposium Single Molecular Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology , Rudolf Rigler, Jerker Widengren and Astrid Grasl und have once again won the top prize for Meeting Organizers, providing us with a Mediterranean climate on top of the warm hospitality that is unique to Sweden. The S? anga Sab y Conference Center was an ideal place to spend this wonderful week, and the comfort of this beautiful place blended perfectly with the high calibre of the scienti?c programme. It was a special privilege for me to be able to actively participate in this meeting on a ?eld that is in many important ways complementary to myownresearch. Iwasimpressedbytheinterdisciplinarywaysinwhichsingle molecule spectroscopy has evolved and is currently pursued, with ingredients originating from physics, all branches of chemistry and a wide range of b- logical and biomedical research. A beautiful concert by Semmy Stahlhammer and Johan Ull en further extended the interdisciplinary character of the s- posium. I would like to combine thanks to Rudolf, Jerker and Astrid with a glance into a future of other opportunities to enjoy top-levelscience combined with warm hospitality in the Swedish tradition. Z urich, Kurt Wuth rich April 2009 Participants of the Nobel-Symposium 138: First row: Sarah Unterko?er, Anders Liljas, Xiao-Dong Su, Birgitta Rigler, Carlos Bus- mante, Toshio Yanagida, Steven Block, Xiaowei Zhuang, Sunney Xie. Second row: Ivan Scheblykin, Lars Thelander, Petra Schwille, Watt W.

Summarizes the current top state-of-the-art in the theory and experimental realisation

Contributing authors are the top scientists in this field

Foreword by a Nobel laureate

Many examples and practical application results

Useful reference to researchers and graduate students alike


Written by the leading experts in the field, this book describes the development and current state-of-the-art in single molecule spectroscopy. The application of this technique, which started 1989, in physics, chemistry and biosciences is displayed.

Introductory Lecture: Molecular Dynamics of Single Molecules.- How Biomolecular Motors Work: Synergy Between Single Molecule Experiments and Single Molecule Simulations.- Detection of Single Molecules and Single Molecule Processes.- Single-Molecule Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging: From Early Steps to Recent Advances.- Single Molecules as Optical Probes for Structure and Dynamics.- FCS and Single Molecule Spectroscopy.- Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.- Single Molecule Spectroscopy Illuminating the Molecular Dynamics of Life.- Chemical Fluxes in Cellular Steady States Measured by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.- In Vivo Fluorescence Correlation and Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy.- Fluorescence Flicker as a Read-out in FCS: Principles, Applications and Further Developments.- Quantum Dots and Single Molecule Behaviour.- Development of Nanocrystal Molecules for Plasmon Rulers and Single Molecule Biological Imaging.- Size-Minimized Quantum Dots for Molecular and Cellular Imaging.- Mapping Transcription Factors on Extended DNA: A Single Molecule Approach.- Molecular Motion of Contractile Elements and Polymer Formation.- Single Molecule Measurement, a Tool for Exploring the Dynamic Mechanism of Biomolecules.- Viral DNA Packaging: One Step at a Time.- Chemo-Mechanical Coupling in the Rotary Molecular Motor F-ATPase.- Force and Multiparameter Spectroscopy on Functional Active Proteins.- Mechanoenzymatics and Nanoassembly of Single Molecules.- Single Cell Physiology.- Force-Clamp Spectroscopy of Single Proteins.- Unraveling the Secrets of Bacterial Adhesion Organelles Using Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy.- Nanoscale Microscopy and High Resolution Imaging.- Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy.- Sub-Diffraction-Limit Imaging with Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy.- Assessing Biological Samples with Scanning Probes.- Single Molecule Microscopy in Individual Cells.- Enzymology and Life at the Single Molecule Level.- Controlling Chemistry in Dynamic Nanoscale Systems.- Catalysis of Single Enzyme Molecules.- Single-Molecule Protein Conformational Dynamics in Enzymatic Reactions.- Watching Individual Enzymes at Work.- The Influence of Symmetry on the Electronic Structure of the Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes from Purple Bacteria.- New Fields and Outlook.- Exploring Nanostructured Systems with Single-Molecule Probes: From Nanoporous Materials to Living Cells.- Gene Regulation: Single-Molecule Chemical Physics in a Natural Context.

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Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Nobel Symposium
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