Space-Time Organization in Macromolecular Fluids

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Speech by Toyosaburo Taniguchi Dr. Kubo, Distinguished Guests, and Friends, I am very happy and pleased to be here this evening with so many distinguished gu~sts, friends, and scholars from within this country and from different parts of the world. The Taniguchi Foundation wishes to extend a wann and sincere welcome to the many participants in the Eleventh International Symposium on the Theory of Condensed Matter. This symposium series was inaugurated ten years ago through the great efforts of Dr. Ryogo Kubo, who is gracing us today with his presence. We are deeply indebted to Dr. Kubo and his associates, who have devoted an enormous amount of time and effort to making this particular symposium possible. We are convinced that what makes our symposia a success is neither the Foundation nor its founder. The success is entirely due, I feel, to the continuous efforts of the Organizing Committee and of all those who have lent their support to this program. In this sense, any words of praise about the symposium should be directed to all of them.


This book presents a cross section of the current research on structure formation and molecular motion in self-organizing macromolecular fluids. Its main purpose is to provide a clear picture of the subject by establishing theoretical foundations. The topics covered include microphase separation of block polymers, chemical and physical gelations, polymer adsorption, and polymers in random media and in external fields; all are treated from a unified viewpoint as molecular ordering in space and time. The contributions concentrate on materials and concepts that have been important in setting the stage for present trends in polymer science research and they highlight problems that have yet to be solved.

I Dynamics of Macro- and Microphase Separation.- Phase Transitions of Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Mixtures.- Microphase Separation in Block Copolymers: Recent Developments.- Some Dynamical Aspects of Phase-Separating Polymer Blends and Block Copolymers.- Phase Separation and Microdomain Formation in Block Copolymer Blends.- Time Evolution of the Structure Function in the Late Stage of the Phase Separation Process in Polymer Mixtures.- Scaled Correlation Function in the Late Stage of Spinodal Decomposition.- Field Theoretic Approach to Spinodal Decomposition.- II Structure Formation in Gels.- Dynamic Scaling for Polymer Gelation.- Theory of Thermoreversible Gelation.- Ion Complexation and Phase Separation in Aqueous Polymer Solutions.- On Some New Problems in Gels near the Volume Phase Transition.- Pattern Formation in Bulk Gels.- III Dynamics of Entangled Polymers.- Theory of the Dynamics of Entangled Wormlike Surfactant Micelles.- Reptation Theory of Gel Electrophoresis.- Molecular Theory of the Entanglement Effect of Rodlike Polymers: Two Alternative Approaches.- Polymers in Disordered Porous Solids.- IV Polymer Adsorption.- Copolymer Adsorption.- Competitive and Displacement Adsorption of Polymer Chains at Solid-Liquid Interfaces.- Polymer Statics and Solvable Lattice Models.- V Chain Conformation in Stiff-Polymer Solutions.- Stiff-Chain Polymers and Excluded-Volume Effects in Dilute Solution.- Structure of Polyelectrolyte Solutions.- Coherent-Anomaly Method in Cooperative Phenomena: Some Applications to Polymer Physics.- Disclinations in Nematics in Cylindrical Geometry.- Index of Contributors.

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Space-Time Organization in Macromolecular Fluids
Proceedings of the Eleventh Taniguchi International Symposium, Hakone, Japan, November 7-12, 1988
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989
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