Surface Studies with Lasers

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The physics and chemistry of surfaces is becoming more and more important as an exciting field of basic research as well as in devices and technology. The diagnoses and the conditioning of surfaces and studies of molecular interac tions with surfaces have made large advancements by using laser techniques. With its divisional meeting 1983 the Quantum Electronics Division of the European Physical Society tried to set up a forum where the latest ideas and achievements could be presented and discussed. The wide range of topics (gen eral surface spectroscopy, surface-enhanced optical processes, laser surface spectroscopy, laser-induced processes at surfaces) was deliberately chosen to provide an opportunity for specialists from one field to get acquainted with the techniques and results from others. This meeting took place in Mauterndorf, Austria, from March 9th to March 11th, 1983. Mauterndorf is a small village in the Austrian Alps, situated in a well-known skiing area. The conference was held in a medieval castle adapt ed as a conference center. These stimulating surroundings guaranteed a vivid exchange of ideas among the 98 participants from 17 nations. Among the numerous people engaged in the organization, our special thanks go to Mrs. I. Mandl and Mrs. B. Seeberg for doing a superb job in implementing the meeting arrangements and efficiently prompting the authors to deliver their manuscripts for this volume in time.

I General Surface Spectroscopy.- Overview of Vibrational Spectroscopy of Adsorbed Atoms and Molecules.- Molecular Vibrations at Surfaces.- Electronically Excited States of Adsorbates on Metal Surfaces.- II Surface Enhanced Optical Processes.- Normal (Unenhanced) Raman Scattering from Pyridine Adsorbed on the Low-Index Faces of Silver.- Evidence of SERS Active Sites of Atomic Scale.- The Charge Transfer Contribution. to Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering.- Contributions of Charge Transfer Complexes and Photochemical Effects to SERS at a Silver Electrode.- SER Scattering by Metal Colloids.- SERS Detected Adsorption of Guanine on Small Particles of Colloidal Silver.- Surface Enhanced Optical Processes.- Nonlinear Optical Detection of Adsorbed Monolayers.- Distance Dependence of Surface Enhanced Luminescence.- Picosecond Fluorescence Decay of Dye Molecules Adsorbed to Small Metal Particles.- Electromagnetic Resonances and Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effects.- Enhanced Raman Scattering from a Dielectric Sphere.- Enhanced Raman Scattering from a Periodic Monolayer of Dielectric Spheres.- Effect of Hydrodynamic Dispersion of the Metal on Surface Plasmons and Surface Enhanced Phenomena in Spherical Geometries.- III Laser Surface Spectroscopy.- Surface Studies by Infrared Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Catalytic Oxidation of NH3 on a Polycrystalline Pt Surface Studied by Laser Induced Fluorescence.- Water Oxidation Processes at n-PtS2 and n-RuS2-Semiconductor Surfaces Studied with ns-Pulse Lasers.- Persistent Spectral Hole Burning of Selectively Laser-Excited, Adsorbed Dyes and Their Interactions with Surfaces.- Measurement of Weak Optical Absorption at Surfaces Using Lateral Waves.- Fermi Level Pinning on Clean and Covered GaAs(110) Surfaces Studied by Electric-Field Induced Raman Scattering.- Brillouin Scattering Study of Surface Magnons in Single Crystal Iron Films Epitaxially Grown on GaAs.- Influence of Surface Morphology on Photoelectrochemistry of Silicon Arsenide.- Scattering of NO Molecules from Surfaces.- IV Laser Induced Surface Processes.- Molecular Photoion Production Processes Induced by Surface Laser Radiation.- Laser Photoreactions of Volatile Surface-Adsorbed Molecules.- Laser Induced Chemical Vapor Deposition.- Laser Doping of Silicon by the Dissociation of Metal Alkyls.- Laser Induced Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces.- Surface Processes in Semiconductors Under Pulsed Laser Excitation.- Instability of Liquid Metal Surfaces Under Intense Infrared Irradiation.- Generation of Surface Microstructure in Metals and Semiconductors by Short Pulse CO2 Lasers.- Laser Induced Process on Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces.- Laser-Pulse Induced Field Desorption of Small Molecules.- Momentum Distribution of Molecules Desorbed by Vibrational Excitation with Laser Infrared.- Threshold Laser Intensity for Light Induced Surface Desorption.- Surface Phenomena Induced on Metals by Powerful CO2 Laser Radiation.- On Molecular Orientability on a Fine Porous Surface.- Index of Contributors.

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Surface Studies with Lasers
Proceedings of the International Conference, Mauterndorf, Austria, March 9-11, 1983
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1983
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