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Susan Navey-Davis is Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at North Carolina State University. She serves as Coordinator of Lower Division Spanish courses, Supervisor of Second Year Graduate Teaching Assistants, and Director of Undergraduate Advising. She has received numerous awards for teaching, advising, and extension service. She recently received regional and national recognition for advising and has received regional, state, and university awards for excellence in teaching. At North Carolina State University she is a charter member of the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension and is a past chair of the executive council for the academy. She has been secretary of the board of directors of an organization that provides health care in Nicaragua. In addition to being a co-author of PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, Navey-Davis is also co-author of Heinle's intermediate textbook, RUMBOS. She holds an MAT in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Robert Hershberger (Ph.D., University of Kansas) is Associate Professor of Spanish at DePauw University. Before working on PLAZAS, Dr. Hershberger authored Heinle's ¡Tú Dirás! and INTERCAMBIOS CD-ROMs and was the lead author and project manager for the TEMAS CD-ROM. Most recently, Dr. Hershberger served as a co-author on Heinle's second-year Spanish program, RUMBOS. In addition to his teaching at DePauw, Dr. Hershberger is Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and a Tenzer University Professor in Instructional Technology. In 2005, Dr. Hershberger received the Exemplary Teacher Award by DePauw University and the United Methodist Church. In 2008, Dr. Hershberger received the Edwin L. Minar Scholarship Award for exceptional scholarly achievement in the field of foreign language pedagogy.

Guiomar Borrás Alvarez. received her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literature and culture. She obtained a Master of Arts Liberal Studies in Latin American Studies from Dartmouth College and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Master in Education from St. Michael's College. Currently she is Professor of Spanish at Glendale Community College and has been working as Business Spanish Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Dr. Borrás Alvarez. was the Academic Director of the Thunderbird Intensive Language Program in 2001 and coordinated the lower division classes. Her contribution to scholarship includes Heinle's SPANISH FOR LIFE: BUSINESS WORKTEXT; INTERCAMBIOS, Fifth Edition; and PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, Second and Third Editions. She has worked and was the president of the Arizona Language Association (AZLA). She received the Thunderbird Student Government Outstanding Professor Award seven times and in 2000 received the Hacker Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Research.


Offers the essentials of the beginning Spanish program in the form of a condensed version of the printed text. This title contains chapters each of which weaves together language instruction and opportunities for real-life communication covering the diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Each chapter of this hybrid edition of the successful beginning Spanish program weaves together solid language instruction and opportunities for real-life communication with the rich and colorful threads of Spanish-speaking cultures. This edition offers the essentials of PLAZAS'language instruction in the form of a condensed version of the printed text with plentiful annotations directing students to the CengagenNOW Live! eBook and additional and complimentary information online. CengagenNOW Live! also offers instructors the ability to facilitate live classrooms online, allowing for more opportunities for real-time discussion and dynamic interaction between instructors and students. The CengagenNOW Live! edition offers all text resources under one roof and includes a complete eBook, an online workbook, a lab manual with audio, enrichment activities previously found on the multimedia CD-ROM, companion video, and an online classroom! This condensed edition contains all grammar and vocabulary explanations, as well as corresponding activities for chapters Preliminar through 12. Sections such as "Encuentro cultural" and "En contexto" as well as the complete chapters 13, 14 and 15 are now found in the CengagenNOW Live! full PLAZAS eBook. These sections are annotated with a CengagenNOW Live! icon which directs students to the exact pages of the PLAZAS 2/e eBook in the CengagenNOW Live! program. This new streamlined text also directs students to the eBook for the "Revista" section that appears every three chapters and the "Síntesis" section that appears at the end of every chapter to complete online listening, video, reading, and writing sections. Material such as the backmatter and appendices are also available in the CengagenNOW Live! eBook. Enriching resources including vocabulary lists, grammar appendices, and verb charts can easily accessible through the CengagenNOW Live! platform while the text functions as the in-class resource in its condensed form.

CAPÍTULO PRELIMINAR: ¡MUCHO GUSTO! Communicative goals: Greeting others, introducing yourself, exchanging personal information, identifying quantities and objects, asking and answering questions. Vocabulary: Greetings and good-byes, numbers 0 to 30, interrogatives, the Spanish alphabet. Structures: Present tense of ser and tener, the verb form hay and numbers 1-30, question words and inflections. 1. EN UNA CLASE DE ESPAÑOL: LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS. Communicative goals: identify people and things, indicate relationships and specify colors, describe everyday activities, discuss academic courses and university buildings, say what you like and don''t like doing, tell time. Vocabulary: Classroom, colors, foreign languages and other academic courses and majors, university places and buildings, time and days of the week. Structures: Definite and indefinite articles, gender of nouns, present tense of -ar verbs, me gusta + infinitive. 2. EN UNA REUNIÓN FAMILIAR: MÉXICO. Communicative goals: define and ask about family relationships, indicate ownership and posession, describe people and things, indicate nationality, express physical status, count from 30 to 100, describe daily activities at home and school. Vocabulary: family, physical features and personality, nationality, numbers 30 to 100. Structures: posessive adjectives, pesession with de(l), common uses of ser, agreement with descriptive adjectives, present tense of -er and -ir verbs, common uses of tener. 3. EL TIEMPO LIBRE: COLOMBIA. Describe leisure activities, express likes/dislikes, express plans and intentions, describe basic actions, places, and activities in town, talk about the months, seasons, and weather. Vocabulary: Sports and leisure time activities, places, months, seasons, and weather expressions. Structures: gustar + infinitive, gustar + nouns, Ir a + destination or infinitive, irregular yo verbs, saber, conocer, and the personal a. 4. EN LA CASA: ESPAÑA. Communicative goals: Describing your home or residence, talking about furniture and appliances, describing household chores, making commands, stating locations and describing feelings, describing actions in progress, count from 100 and higher. Vocabulary: Home and furniture, appliances and household chores, numbers 110 and above. Structures: Present tense of stem-changing verbs, more idioms with tener, affirmative tú commands, estar and the present progressive. 5. LA SALUD: BOLIVIA Y PARAGUAY. Communicative goals: Identify body parts, describe daily routines and hygiene, talk about what you have just finished doing, talking about illness and health problems, describe people, things, and conditions, point out people and things. Vocabulary: Human body, health care, illnesses, symptoms, and medical treatements. Structures: Reflexive pronouns and present tense of reflexive verbs, acabar de + infinitive, ser vs. estar, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. 6. QUIERES COMER CONMIGO ESTA NOCHE? VENEZUELA. Communicative goals: Talk about foods and beverages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make comparisons, order food in a restaurant, describe past events in detail. Vocabulary: Food and beverages, dining out. Structures: Comparatives and superlatives, regular verbs in the preterite, verbs with stem and spelling changes in the preterite. 7. DE COMPRAS: ARGENTINA. Communicative goals: Talking about shopping for clothing, making emphatic statements about possession, talking about singular or completed actions in the past, making selections and talking about sizes and other shopping preferences, describing ongoing and habitual actions in the past. Vocabulary: Clothing and fashion, shopping. Structures: Stressed, possessives, irregular verbs in the preterite, direct object pronouns, imperfect tense. 8. FIESTAS Y VACACIONES: GUATEMALA Y EL SALVADOR. Communicative goals: talk about holidays, events, and activities, describe changes in emotion, inquire and provide information about people and events, narrate in the past, state indefinite ideas and quantities, talk about periods of time since an event took place. Vocabulary: Parties and celebrations, the beach and the country. Structures: Interrogative words, preterite vs. imperfect, affirmative and negative expressions, hace and hace que. 9. DE VIAJE POR EL CARIBE: LA REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA, CUBA, Y PUERTO RICO. Communicative goals: Talk about air travel, other types of transportation and lodging, simplify expressions with indirect and double object pronouns, talk about getting around in the city, give directions and express desires, make informal requests. Vocabulary: Airline travel, hotels, directions. Structures: Indirect object pronouns, double object pronouns, prepositions and adverbs of location, formal and negative tú commands. 10. LAS RELACIONES SENTIMENTALES: HONDURAS Y NICARAGUA. Communicative goals: Talk about relationships and courtship, describe recent actions, events, and conditions, describe reciprocal actions, talk about receptions and banquets, qualify actions. Vocabulary: Personal relationships, receptions and banquets. Structures: Present perfect, reciprocal constructions with se, nos, and os, Adverbs and adverbial expressions of time and sequencing of events, relative pronouns. 11. EL MUNDO DEL TRABAJO: PANAMÁ. Communicative goals: talk about professions, the office, and work-related activities, make statements about motives, intentions, and periods of time, describe the job hunt and personal finances, express subjectivity and uncertainity, express desires and intentions. Vocabulary: Professions and offices, the office, work, the job hunt, personal finances. Structures: Por and para, subjunctive mood and impersonal expressions with the subjunctive, formation of the present subjunctive and statements of volition. 12. EL MEDIO AMBIENTE: COSTA RICA. Communicative goals: Talk about rural and urban locales and associated problems, express emotion and opinions, talk about the conservation and exploitation of natural resources, hypothesize and express doubts, talk about nature, animals, and endangered species. Vocabulary: Rural and urban geography, the environment, animals and the wildlife preserve. Structures: Subjunctive following verbs of emotion, impersonal expressions, and ojalá, subjunctive to state uncertain, doubtful, or hypothetical situations.

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Lugar de encuentros (CengageNOW! Live Edition)
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