The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines

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The general topic of the symposium follows mechanisms development through all stages of conception, modeling, analysis, synthesis and control to advanced product design. This volume brings together the latest results in the field and celebrates a series of conferences that has been running for 40 years. The contributors and the editor are world leaders in their field.


Foreword.- Scientific Program Committee.- Mechanism Design for Robots, by Marco Ceccarelli.- A New Algorithm for an Efficient Stabilized Index Two STF for ADAMS Computer Program, by Nicolae Orlandea.- The Transmission of European Mechanical Knowledge into 17 th Century China, by Baichun Zhang, Miao Tian.- Mechanisms in Building Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Case Study: Solar Energy Conversion Systems, by Ion Visa.- Conceptual Design of an Expressive Robotic Head, by Florentina Adascalitei, Ioan Doroftei, D. Lefeber, Bram Vanderborght.- On the Structural Analysis of the Mechanisms with Elastic Connections, by Erwin-Chr. Lovasz, Dan Perju, Karl-Heinz Modler, Niels Modler, Corina Mihaela Gruescu, Inoceniu Maniu, Andrei Coma.- An Innovative Family of Modular Parallel Robots for Brachytherapy, by Nicolae Plitea, Calin Vaida, Bogdan Gherman, Andras Szilaghyi, Bogdan Galdau, Dragos Cocorean, Florin Covaciu, Doina Pisla.- One 6R Overconstrained Mechanism, Many Applications, by Laurentiu Racila.- Research Regarding Modelling of Involute-Bevel Gears, by Ioan Ardelean, Mircea Bara, Sergiu-Dan Stan, Sorin Besoiu.- Research Regarding the Modeling of the Reciprocal Generation of the Involute-Bevel Gears with Crossed Axes, by Ioan Ardelean, Olimpiu Ttar, Emil Teutan.- A Dynamic Simulation of a Novel Continuous Variable Transmission, by Gani Balbayev, Giuseppe Carbone.- Design and Simulation of a Leg Exoskeleton Linkage for a Human Rehabilitation System, by Cristian Copilusi, Marco Ceccarelli, Nicolae Dumitru, Giuseppe Carbone.- Protein Secondary Structure Detection Using Dihedral Angle Parameters Evaluation, by Mikel Diez, Vctor Petuya, Imanol Martnez, Alfonso Hernandez.- Optimal Design of the Motion Law for a Pseudo-Azimuthal Tracking System, by Monica Alina Ioni, Ctlin Alexandru.- Comparative Study of Two 2-DOF Parallel Mechanisms Used for Orientation, by Tiberiu Itul, Bogdan Gherman, Doina Pisla.- Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of an Intelligent Adaptive CTLSO Brace, by Dan Mrgineanu, Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Valentin Ciupe, Loredana Ciurdariu.- Virtual Model For Kinematic Analysis of Human Upper Limb, by Elena Mereuta, Marian Tudoran, Daniel Ganea, Claudiu Mereuta.- Estimating The Muscle Force Using a Kinematic Model of the Human Upper Limb, by Elena Mereuta, Marian Tudoran, Daniel Ganea, Claudiu Mereuta.- Formulations in Advanced Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, by Iulian Negrean, C. Schonstein, K. Kacs, A. Duca.- Gray-Box Modeling and Closed-Loop Temperature Control of a Thermotronic System, by Cipria Rad, Olimpiu Hancu, Ciprian Lapusan.- On The Eccentricity Effects In Solar Tracking Triangular Linkage With Linear Actuator, by Radu Saulescu, Olimpiu Munteanu, Mircea Neagoe, Nadia Cretescu.- Influence of Mechanical Press Dimensions on its Kinematic Behavior, by Iulian Tabr, Constantin Dogariu.- Nonlinear Analysis of Osteoarthritis Process in Virtual Human Knee Joint, by Daniela Tarnita, Marius Catana, Dan Tarnita.- Creating Artistic Curves with Planar Mechanisms, by Daniela Tarnita, Iulian Popescu, Dan Marghitu.- Optimal Design of the Front Suspension Mechanism used for a Race Car, by Vlad Totu, Catalin Alexandru.- Educational Pneumatic Engine for a Small Size Vehicle, by Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Alexandru Rus, Bogdan Tataru, Tudor Mitran.- A Structural Synthesis Of A New Leg Mechanism, by Ileana Dugaesescu, Marco Ceccarelli, Adriana Comanescu.- Regression Model for Optimizing the Thin Films Deposition on Planar Photovoltaic Cells, by Monica Enescu, Catalin Alexandru.- About Speed Breaker Synthesis with no Deterioration of the Car Suspension, by Voicu Mesaros-Anghel, Endre Ianosi, Iosif Carabas, Lucian Madaras.- Structural Systematization and Kinematics Analysis of Redundant Kinematic Chains with 7 and 8 Axes for Robots, by Ionel Staretu.- A Method for Experimental Identification of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems, by Adina Blan, Mihai Petru Draghici, Radu Donca, Alin Plea, Vistrian Mtie.- Innovative Tracking System for Parabolic Dish Solar Collector, by Daniela Ciobanu, Codruta Jaliu.- Interactive Animation Production by means of Advanced Image Processing, by Valentin Ciupe, Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Michael Ressing, Veit Henkel, Corina Gruescu, E.S. Zabava.- Vibrations Concerning with Safety in Vehicle Rolling Conditions, by Mircea Diudea, Victor Hodor, Radu Balan, Mircea Bara.- Control Method Comparison for Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Actuators, by Mihai Petru Draghici, Alin Plesa, Calin Rusu, Radu Balan, Radu Donca.- Advances in Opto-mechanical Scanning Technologies for High-end Biomedical Applications, by Virgil-Florin Duma.- Mechatronic System with Applications in Medi-cal Robotics, by Nicolae Dumitru, Violeta Cristina Dumitru.- Low-Speed Actuator Used in Solar Tracking Systems, by Codruta Jaliu, Mircea Neagoe, Radu Sulescu, Edith-Bianca Dobre.- WiSeIn - Wireless Sensor Network Used for Data Acquisition from Indoor Locations, by Marius Luculescu, Sorin Zamfira, Luciana Cristea.- WiSeManS - Wireless Sensor Network Data Management System for Indoor Climatic Control, by MariusLuculescu, Sorin Zamfira, Luciana Cristea.- Four Bar Linkages With Linear Actuators Used For Solar Trackers with Large Angular Diurnal Strokes, byMacedon Dumitru Moldovan, Ion Visa, Radu Sulescu, Mihai Comsit.- Study of the Contact Between Toothed Chains and Guides, by Radu Papuc, Radu Velicu, Mihai Lates.- Study of the Curved Plate Spring behavior for small displacements, by Hariton Poparad.- Study of the motion of random axes using the coupling with curved plate springs, by Hariton Poparad.- Scanners with Risley Prisms: Modelling with Mechanical Design Programs, by Alexandru Schitea, I. Kaposta, Marius Tuef, S.C. Jurca, Virgil-Florin Duma.- Applications of the Ackerman Steering and Electronic Differential in Modern Electric Drive Automotive Systems, by Andrei Szilagyi, Valentin Ciupe, Inocentiu Maniu.- Geometric Modeling of Power Joints from Bush Chain Drives, by Alina Todi-Eftimie, Radu Velicu, Radu Saulescu, Codruta Jaliu.- 1-DOF Mechanisms for Dual Axis Solar Tracking, by Ion Visa, Monica Vatasescu, Mircea Neagoe, Bogdan Gabriel Burduhos.- Findings on Italian historical Developments of Machine Technology in 19th Century Towards Industrial Revolution, by Yibing Fang, Marco Ceccarelli, Baichun Zhang.- Considerations Regarding the Process of Integration the Mechanisms in the Structure of the Mechatronic Systems, by Vistrian Maties, Olimpiu Hancu, Ciprian Rad, Liliana Dache.- Dedicated Gripper for Books Handling in a Library, by Niels Modler, Andrei Comsa, Inocentiu Maniu, Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Valentin Ciupe.- Review on Mechanisms Used as Handbrake in Carriages and Locomotives, by Paun Antonescu, Ionut Geonea, Ovidiu Antonescu.- Using Mathematica Program in Teaching Mechanisms, by Madalina Rus, Silvia Veresiu, Elena Mereuta.- Using Computer Aided Design In Teaching Mechanisms, by Silvia Veresiu, Madalina Rus, Elena Mereuta.

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The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines
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Springer International Publishing
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H235mm x B155mm x T30mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014
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