The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence f...

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Fester Einband


This book focuses on the implementation of AI for growing business, and the book includes research articles and expository papers on the applications of AI on decision-making, health care, smart universities, public sector and digital government, FinTech, and RegTech. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vital and a fundamental driver for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR). Its influence is observed at homes, in the businesses and in the public spaces. The embodied best of AI reflects robots which drive our cars, stock our warehouses, monitor our behaviors and warn us of our health, and care for our young children.

Some researchers also discussed the role of AI in the current COVID-19 pandemic, whether in the health sector, education, and others. On all of these, the researchers discussed the impact of AI on decision-making in those vital sectors of the economy.

Discusses recent research on the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for Growing Business Success

Presents advanced technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution emerging and merging in the business world

Exhibits various technologies like machine learning, big data analytics, and particularly AI

Part 1: Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship and Business Success.- Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Success in the Era of data Analytics.- Artificial Intelligence and Firm's Performance: A Robotic Taxation Perspective.- The Impact of Innovative Technology on the Aviation Industry and on Customers Preference.- The Relationship between Intellectual Capital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Firm Performance in Jordan.- Potentials of Artificial Intelligence for Business Performance.- Collaborative and Social Media SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud Computing Services' Adoption and Acceptance Model on the Millennials: Conceptual Model.- Part II: FinTech, RegTech and Artificial Intelligence.- Fintech: A pathway for MENA region.- RegTech and Regulatory Change Management for Financial Institutions.- Artificial Intelligence and Financial Technology FinTech: How AI is being used under the Pandemic in 2020.- Conceptualising the Corporate Governance Issues of Fintech Firms.- Part III: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Public Sector.- Artificial Intelligence in Public Sector: A Framework to Address Opportunities and Challenges.- Big Data for Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges.- Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Public Management and Decision-Making.- Emirates Leading Experience in Employing Artificial Intelligence.- Part IV: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Education and Smart Universities.- Smart University and Artificial Intelligence.- A Review on Smart Universities and Artificial Intelligence.- Artificial Intelligence and Smart Universities.- Artificial Intelligence Literature in Accounting: A Panel Systematic Approach.- Part V: The Ethical, Professional Practices and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence.- Ethics of artificial intelligence and the spirit of humanity.- The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Accounting Audit on the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic.- Web-Based Financial Disclosures by using machine learning analysis: Evidence from Bahrain.- Part VI: Artificial Intelligence and Economic Development.- Artificial intelligence in Africa: challenges and opportunities.- Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Competence Framework for Smart Factory.- Analysis for the Knowledge Economy in GCC Countries.- Machine Learning in Credit Risk Modeling: Empirical Application of Neural Network Approaches.- Part VII: Big Data, Deep Learning and Business Success.- Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Sequential Data Using Traditional and Deep Learning: A Review.- A Light Spot on the Role of Deep Learning in Social Networks.- Artificial Intelligenc, Big Data, and Value Co-Creation: A Conceptual Model.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for Growing Business Success
Fester Einband
Springer International Publishing
Allgemeines & Lexika
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H241mm x B160mm x T32mm
1st ed. 2021
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