The Jahn-Teller Effect

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The Jahn-Teller effect continues to be a paradigm for structural instabilities and molecular dynamical processes. This volume provides a survey of the current Jahn-Teller interactions at the interface of quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics.

Written by leading international experts, extensive and tutorial reviews complement available textbooks in the field

Includes supplementary material:

Jahn-Teller effect and vibronic interactions: General theory.- Recent Developments in the Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect Theory.- Electronic Degeneracy and Vibrational Degrees of Freedom: The Permutational Proof of the Jahn#x2013;Teller Theorem.- Group-Theoretical Analysis of Jahn#x2013;Teller Systems.- Spin#x2013;Orbit Vibronic Coupling in Jahn#x2013;Teller and Renner Systems.- Vibronic Coupling Constant and Vibronic Coupling Density.- A New Method to Describe the Multimode Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect Using Density Functional Theory.- Conical intersections and nonadiabatic dynamics in molecular processes.- Second-Order Analysis of Conical Intersections: Applications to Photochemistry and Photophysics of Organic Molecules.- Influence of the Geometric Phase and Non-Adiabatic Couplings on the Dynamics of the H+H Molecular System.- Multi-Mode Jahn#x2013;Teller and Pseudo-Jahn#x2013;Teller Effects in Benzenoid Cations.- On the Vibronic Interactions in Aromatic Hydrocarbon Radicals and Radical Cations.- The Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect in Binary Transition Metal Carbonyl Complexes.- Impurities; Spectroscopy of transition metal complexes.- Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect for the 3d Ions (Orbital Triplets in a Cubic Crystal Field).- Constructing, Solving and Applying the Vibronic Hamiltonian.- Instabilities in Doped Materials Driven by Pseudo Jahn#x2013;Teller Mechanisms.- The Influence of Jahn#x2013;Teller Coupling on the High-Spin/Low-Spin Equilibria of Octahedral ML Polyhedra (M : Mn #x2212; Cu), with NiF as the Model Example.- Fullerenes and fullerides.- Following Jahn#x2013;Teller Distortions in Fulleride Salts by Optical Spectroscopy.- Jahn#x2013;Teller Effects in Molecules on Surfaces with Specific Application to C.- Jahn-Teller effect and molecular magnetism.- Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect in Molecular Magnetism: An Overview.- The Effect of Jahn#x2013;Teller Coupling in Hexacyanometalates on the Magnetic Anisotropy in Cyanide-Bridged Single-Molecule Magnets.- The cooperative Jahn-Teller effect and orbital ordering.- Cooperative Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect: Fundamentals, Applications, Prospects.- Orbital Ordering Versus the Traditional Approach in the Cooperative Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect: A Comparative Study.- Frustration Effect in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems with Orbital Degree of Freedom.- Ultrasonic Consequences of the Jahn#x2013;Teller Effect.- Long Range Cooperative and Local Jahn-Teller Effects in Nanocrystalline Transition Metal Thin Films.- Jahn-Teller effect and high-Tc Superconductivity.- Jahn#x2013;Teller Polarons, Bipolarons and Inhomogeneities. A Possible Scenario for Superconductivity in Cuprates.- Polarons and Bipolarons in Jahn#x2013;Teller Crystals.- Vibronic Polarons and Electric Current Generation by a Berry Phase in Cuprate Superconductors.

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The Jahn-Teller Effect
Fundamentals and Implications for Physics and Chemistry
Kartonierter Einband
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H235mm x B155mm x T49mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2009
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