The Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Molecular Clouds

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The book is an up-to-date, concise presentation of the development of submillimeter-wave and far-infrared astrophysics. The topics range from the large-scale atomic and molecular distribution in the Galaxy and in external galaxies to the frontal properties of molecular clouds and the details of the star-formation process. A chapter on the most recent technical advances in the field illustrates the intimate connection and interplay between scientific advancement and technological capability. The book not only summarizes the advances in the field but also presents important background information, addressing experts and graduate students alike.

Three new galactic CO surveys.- Molecular clouds at the edge of the galaxy: Clouds of FOG.- Far-infrared [C II] line survey of the galaxy.- Molecular gas and star formation beyond the optical disk of the galaxy.- Molecular gas surrounding the galactic center.- Near-infrared high-resolution imaging of the galactic center.- Properties of the OMC-2 and OMC-3 cores in orion.- Vibrationally excited CS in star forming cores-infrared pumping?.- Millimetre observations of southern translucent clouds.- Molecular clouds in LMC: Evaluation of physical parameters by means of MM observations.- The 4D-structure of a dark cloud, B164 under the influence of a bright star, azelfafage.- Dense molecular gas in ultraluminous and high redshift galaxies.- Interstellar molecules in the large magellanic cloud.- Magnetic fields in molecular clouds.- Mapping magnetic fields in the ISM: Infrared and sub-mm polarimetry.- The formation of molecular lines in turbulent clouds.- 158 micron [CII] imaging of NGC 891.- COBE observations of the H II region around IC 1848.- A survey of the large magellanic cloud in the [C II] 158 micron line.- Atomic carbon emission from shocked and preshocked gas in the IC 443 supernova remnant.- Turbulence in interstellar clouds.- Multiscale structural analysis of perseus.- Nonlinear waves and solitons in molecular clouds.- The formation, evolution, and disruption of molecular clouds: The influence of massive stars.- Molecular absorption in interstellar clouds observed with the plateau de bure interferometer.- Dynamical modelling of self-gravitating magnetic clouds.- Kinematics, fragmentation, and heating of molecular streamers in the orion ridge.- Large-scale submm-CO and FIR [CII] observations of the rosette molecular complex and S140/L1204.- 2-D Monte Carlo models of clumpy interstellar clouds.- The clumpiness of molecular clouds.- Large-scale CO-observations of the GMCs orion A and B excitation conditions and fragmentation.- High spectral resolution CCS (J N=21?10) studies of clumps in cold dark cloud cores.- Photodissociation and rotational excitation of CO and its isotopomers in interstellar clouds.- The distribution of line wing emission in MBM16.- Molecular observations of HH34: Does NH3 accurately trace dense molecular gas near young stars?.- Low-J-CO-multiline studies of molecular clouds: NGC7538.- L1780: A cometary globule in disguise of a high-latitude cloud.CO observations.- Influence of the photospheric line spectrum on the optical pumping of circumstellar CO.- Clumping in M17SW.- Interpretation of CO lines from turbulent molecular clouds.- CO multi-line survey in the Galactic center.- The spatial distribution of emission from the unidentified infrared bands.- The distribution of gas and dust in the ? oph cloud.- Millimeter-wave observations of H2CO in ? Oph B1.- Theoretical models of photodissociation regions (PDRs).- Chemistry in dense photon dominated regions.- Photon dominated regions: Linking observations and theory.- Observations of 3 P 1 to 3 P 0 Ci emission from molecular clouds and envelopes of evolved stars.- Carbon monoxide line emission from photon-dominated regions.- Line emission from spherical UV irradiated clumps.- Radiative transfer of continuum photons in hierarchical clouds.- Submm observations of molecular lines in the orion bar: Towards a physical model.- The PDR IC 63: Observations, physics and chemistry.- Star formation in bok globulesA 1.3 mm continuum survey.- Radiation-driven implosion of cometary globules modelling and observations.- CI emission from the outflow and PDR in S140.- Large scale observations of [CI] 3 P 1?3 P 0 in photon-dominated regions.- The [CII] 158 ?m line emission from the ? ophiuchi cloud.- How stable are the results of simple model calculations of interstellar chemistry?.- Interstellar hydrides.- CO chemistry and optical/FIR structure of interstellar cirrus: low density PDRs.- Around the HCNH+ chemistry astrophysical implication.- About the presence of water in IRAS 10214+4724.- Hot ammonia associated with ultracompact HII regions.- Structure and chemistry of IRAS 05338-0624.- Circumstellar disks at centimeter wavelengths.- Optical pumping of circumstellar SiO masers.- Observations of interstellar CN, 13CN and C15N.- Physical and chemical variations within the W3 star-forming region.- Chemical and physical gradients along the OMC-1 ridge.- Dense cores and star formation: before and after.- Sulfur molecules in low-density molecular clouds.- Chemistry of the orion molecular cloud core.- The structure of the dense core in the high-latitude cloud MCLD 126.6+24.5.- The W49A molecular cloud core.- Massive star nurseries.- High-resolution C34S images of the W51 region taken with the Plateau de Bure interferometer.- The synthesis of molecular line, neutral carbon and dust continuum observations in the molecular cloud G34.3+0.2.- Methyl cyanide and propyne in the hot molecular core G34.3+0.15.- CS J=2?1 and HCN J=1?0 observations of dense molecular cores in regions of massive star formation.- Analysis of maser proper motion kinematics.- H2O and CO emission towards IRAS point sources in regions of star formation.- Luminosity vs. Circumstellar mass: An evolutionary diagram for YSOs.- Model envelopes of post-AGB stars from IR and Sub-mm data.- Distributions and kinematics of molecular species around T tau.- Ammonia towards high luminous IRAS sources.- JCMT continuum survey of pre-protostellar cores.- Comparison of the structure of a star-forming and non-star-forming GMC.- Outflow-free class I sources: Protostars?.- Evidence for a recombining wind in DR21.- Vorticity generation in bow shocks of low excitation.- Near infrared observations of S155 evidence of induced star formation?.- FIR/NIR spectroscopy of the Galactic Center Arc region: The importance of massive star formation for ionization.- Multi-wavelength study of NGC 281 A.- First tentative detection of the molecular oxygen isotopomer 16O18O in interstellar clouds.- Molecular outflows driven by optical jets.- Jet-driven molecular outflows.- C17O and submillimetre continuum observations of M17SW.- Submillimetre observations of the Mon R2 cluster.- Molecular outflow in the vela molecular ridge.- Prospects for submillimeter observations.- The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite: Mission science objectives.- The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite: Instrument hardware.- The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. Developments into the 1990's.- The Kuiper Widefield Infrared Camera (KWIC).- Receiver A2?A 210 to 280 GHz SIS receiver for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope.- The arcetri 4050 GHz receiver for the Medicina Radiotelescope.- The renewal of the POM2 radiotelescope.- ODINA Swedish submillimetre wave satellite for astronomy and aeronomy.- New techniques for submillimeter precision broadband spectroscopy.- ARNICA, the NICMOS 3 imaging camera of TIRGO.- JCMT receiversPresent and future.- Submillimeter bolometer array for the CSO.- FTS atmospheric transmission measurements and observations of planetary atmospheres.- A theorist's view of interstellar chemistry.

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The Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Molecular Clouds
Proceedings of the 2nd Cologne-Zermatt Symposium, Held at Zermatt, Switzerland, 21 24 September 1993
Kartonierter Einband
Springer, Berlin
Physik & Astronomie
Anzahl Seiten
H22mm x B237mm x T171mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1995
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