Thirteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics

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These proceedings of a well-established conference on numerical methods, calculations, and modelling in fluid dynamics concentrates on five topics: multidimensional upwinding, turbulent flows, domain decomposition methods, unstructured grids, and flow visualization, and it includes papers presented at a workshop on all-vertex schemes. All papers have been carefully refereed.

These proceedings of the well-known conference on numerical methods and simulations in fluid mechanics contain the review papers and a carefully refereed selection of contributed papers. The book addresses both researchers and engineers.


These proceedings of a well-established conference on
numerical methods, calculations, and modelling in fluid
dynamics concentrates on five topics: multidimensional
upwinding, turbulent flows, domain decomposition methods,
unstructured grids, and flow visualization, and it includes
papers presented at a workshop on all-vertex schemes. All
papers have been carefully refereed.

Progress in multi-dimensional upwind differencing.- The impact of turbulence modelling on the numerical predictions of flows.- Domain decomposition methods with applications to fluid dynamics.- Unstructured mesh algorithms for aerodynamic calculations.- Fluid flow visualization: Recent developments and future directions.- A multi-dimensional solution adaptive multigrid solver for the Euler equations.- A multi-dimensional upwind scheme for the Euler equations.- On a method to construct Godunov-type schemes.- 3-Dimensional upwind Euler solver using kinetic flux vector splitting method.- Monotone, higher-order accurate, multi-dimensional upwinding.- On a new class of flux splittings.- A second-order multidimensional Sequel to Godunov's method.- Preconditioning and flux vector splitting for compressible low Mach number flow.- A three-dimensional pressure flux-split RNS formulation: Application to subsonic/supersonic flow in inlets and ducts.- An improved wave model for multidimensional upwinding of the Euler equations.- GC-FCT : A fully multidimensional FCT algorithm for general curvilinar coordinates.- Direct numerical simulation of the three-dimensional breakdown to turbulence in compressible boundary layers.- The nonlinear galerkin method applied to the simulation of turbulence in a channel flow.- Unsteady and transitional separated fluid flows - direct simulation.- Spatial simulation of boundary-layer transition mechanisms.- Vortical structures and turbulent phenomena in a piston-engine model.- Prediction of turbulent Lee-side vortex flow.- Modelling shock/turbulent-boundary-layer interaction with second-moment closure within a pressure-velocity strategy.- Solution of compressible, turbulent transport equations using a flux-difference split scheme.- Direct numerical simulation of laminar breakdown in high-speed, axisymmetric boundary layers.- Direct numerical simulation of compressible turbulence in a homogeneous shear flow.- Numerical investigation of turbulent flow in boundary layer at different Reynolds numbers.- Near-wall turbulence models and numerical solution of the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations using, unstructured grids.- Simulation of instabilities in a boundary layer with a roughness element.- Transonic and supersonic flow calculations around aircrafts using a multidomain Euler code.- Simulation of 2d external incompressible viscous flows by means of a domain decomposition method.- Domain decomposition combined with adaptive remeshing for problems of transient compressible flow.- A numerical procedure to solve viscous flow around arbitrarily moving bodies.- An unstructured multi-block local grid refinement solver for the 3-D Euler equations and its implementation on distributed memory computers.- A second-order TVD method for the solution of the 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes equations on adaptively refined meshes.- A 3-D least-squares upwind Euler solver for unstructured meshes.- Discontinuous finite element Euler solutions on unstructured adaptive grids.- High-resolution schemes and unstructured grids in transient shocked flow simulation.- Validation of an unstructured Euler code for the simulation of transonic flows past a complete aircraft.- Semi-unstructured prismatic grid generation for aircraft configurations.- Block full multigrid adaptive scheme for the compressible Euler equations.- Incompressible Navier-Stokes solutions on unstructured grids using a co-volume technique.- Delaunay based triangulations for the Navier-stokes equations with minimum user input.- External viscous flow computations using prismatic grid.- Unstructured grid generation by advancing front method using structured background grids.- A multigrid finite volume method based on multistage Jacobi relaxation for steady Euler equations on adaptive unstructured grids.- Adaptivity techniques for the computation of two-dimensional viscous flows using structured meshes.- Performance assessment of an adaptive mesh refinement technique for detonation waves.- An evaluation of turbulent heat transfer predictions.- Kinetic flux-splitting schemes for hypersonic flows.- Numerical simulation of supersonic mixing layers using a fourth-order accurate shock capturing scheme.- Truly two-dimensional algorithms for radiative non-equilibrium flows.- Development and validation of a high resolution shock-capturing scheme for nonequilibrium hypersonic flows.- Nonequilibrium, chemically reacting flowfields and the implicit-explicit Godunov scheme.- An upwind scheme for oblique shock/boundary layer interaction in a supersonic inlet.- Calculation of a viscous hypersonic nozzle flow by a second order implicit scheme on unstructured meshes.- Shock-boundary layer interaction by shock fitting.- Numerical simulation of supersonic mixing layer using a solution adaptive finite-element flux-corrected transport scheme.- Numerical solution of hypersonic real gas flows using method of lines.- Nozzle flow calculations with gas injections using inviscid and viscous approaches.- A Godunov-type scheme using streamline meshes for steady supersonic aerodynamics.- A CFD-based approach for the solution of acoustics, Maxwell and Schroedinger equations for scattering problems.- 2-D studies of the multi-wavelength planar and spherical Rayleigh-Taylor instability with an automatically rezoned Lagrangian code.- Mixed-convection of rotating fluids in spherical annuli.- A comparison of several implicit residual smoothing methods in combination with multigrid.- The computation of highly nonlinear free surface waves wtiti a three-dimensional panel method.- A brief description of a new numerical framework for solving conservation laws The method of space-time conservation element and solution element.- Computation of airfoil and cascade flows using the Clebsch decomposition method.- Solutions of the vorticity transport equation at high Reynolds numbers.- Magnetically driven flow in an annulus.- Multiblock Navier Stokes method to simulate turbulent transonic flow over a delta-wing.- Quasigasdynamic equations and computer simulation of viscous gas flows.- Effects of angle of attack on the leading edge attachment line.- Finite element simulation of transonic flows with shock waves.- Navier-Stokes analysis and experimental data comparison of compressible flow within ducts.- Multidisciplinary computational aerosciences.- Numerical methods for simulating unsteady incompressible flows.- Time-marching computations in the complete Mach/Reynolds number domain.- Numerical investigation of a double-periodic compressible multi-vortex-field.- A direct implicit methodology for the simulation of the rapid pitch-up of an airfoil with and without leading-edge flow control.- The solution of 3D inviscid flow using a finite element multigrid procedure.- Eulerian-Eulerian and Eulerian-Lagrangian methods in two phase flow.- Fast-convergent method for finding steady-state solutions of the Euler equations.- Numerical study of the close-coupled canard-wing-body aerodynamic interaction.- Asymptotic far-field boundary conditions for numerical flowfield predictions.- Numerical simulation of inviscid and viscous flow with high order accurate schemes.- Solution of three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations using an implicit Gauss-Seidel scheme.- Transonic wing analysis and design using Navier-Stokes equations.- A second order method for the finite element solution of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations.- Implementation of cell-vertex schemes on a massively parallel computer.- A consistent cell vertex finite volume method for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations.- Remark on numerical simulation of 2D unsteady transonic flows.- Development and applications of a 3D compressible Navier-Stokes solver.- numerical simulation of three-dimensional vortex flows over delta wing configurations.

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Thirteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Proceedings of the Conference Held at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, Italy, 6-10 July 1992
Kartonierter Einband
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H244mm x B170mm x T29mm
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