The Value of Knowledge

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The titles published in Knowledge Services are written to provide knowledge strategists with theoretical and practical advice for ensuring the level of excellence in knowledge sharing they are expected to provide. New and innovative approaches to the management of intellectual capital and in particular to the development of knowledge strategy development are offered.

Knowledge services is an approach to the management of intellectual capital that converges information management, knowledge management, and strategic learning into a single enterprise-wide discipline. The purpose of knowledge services is to ensure the highest levels of knowledge sharing within the organization in which it is practiced. Knowledge services is industry and workplace agnostic, with important management and leadership value to knowledge strategists and knowledge leaders in all types of organizations. This new series presents and discusses new and innovative approaches to knowledge sharing used by organizational management in all fields of work. The authors are chosen to provide critical analysis of issues and to present solutions to selected knowledge leadership challenges in all workplace environments. The book series strives to present practical solutions that can be applied in all institutions worldwide. It thereby contributes significantly to improvements in knowledge management, knowledge services, knowledge strategy development, and knowledge sharing within the organization. Editorial Board Michelle Dollinger, Manager, Knowledge Services Manager, Global Financial Advisory, Deloitte Sue Henczel, Author, Business Owner at Infase Training (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Lee Igel, Author, Clinical Associate Professor, Tisch Institute, Co-Director, Sports & Society, at the New York University School of Professional Studies, and Associate of the Division, Medical Ethics, for the New York University Langone Medical Center. Barrie Levy, Knowledge Services Coordinator, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Architects and Associate Lecturer, Columbia University in the City of New York Anne Kershaw, Owner and Managing Director, Reasonable Discovery, LLC and Lecturer, Columbia University in the City of New York Take this opportunity to learn more about Knowledge Services in these five free webinars from series editor Guy St. Clair: Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization (27.12) This webinar introduces knowledge services, helping the viewer define knowledge services as the best management tool for successful knowledge sharing. With knowledge strategy (and the role of the knowledge strategist) clearly defined, the achievement of highest-quality knowledge sharing becomes the standard management methodology for performance excellence within any group, organization, or community.Click here to view the webinar: Slides PDF (without voiceover, to enable viewers to read the text and access live links, including the link to the free PDF copy of Guy St. Clair's book Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization): Collaborative Knowledge Services: Sharing Information, Knowledge, and Strategic Learning (27.48) Collaboration is the operational driver for success in any organization, group, or community. With collaborative expertise, the knowledge strategist is positioned for establishing a strategic knowledge framework. In doing so, organizational and enterprise leaders are then positioned for excellence in knowledge sharing. Click here to view the webinar: Slides PDF (without voiceover, to enable viewers to read the text and access live links): The Future of Knowledge Work: Exploring Management, Leadership, and Knowledge Services Principles (27.37) As knowledge workers respond to the many documented challenges relating to the future of work, much good advice about knowledge sharing comes from identified management leaders of the past. The smartest knowledge strategists then connect this guidance with the newest and most modern input they can find and, as described in this webinar, merge it all together with established knowledge services principles. Click here to view the webinar: Slides PDF (without voiceover, to enable viewers to read the text and access live links): Critical Success Factors: The Knowledge Services Audit (The Knowledge Services Assessment) (26.07) Knowledge sharing effectiveness is founded on the quality of the organization's knowledge services. As the knowledge strategist develops the strategic framework for knowledge services, knowledge sharing efforts are measured and evaluated for their contribution to knowledge services success. The primary measurement tool the knowledge services audit determines how the organization, group, or community can move toward success within its knowledge domain. Click here to view the webinar: Slides PDF (without voiceover, to enable viewers to read the text and access live links): (5) From Knowledge Strategist to Knowledge Thought Leader (29.08) The knowledge services strategic framework is all about knowledge and the management of the the organization, group, or community's intellectual capital. Building the strategic knowledge framework provides the knowledge strategist with a perfect opportunity for thought leadership, a position unlike that of any other management employee. Not everyone gets to be a thought leader. As such, the knowledge strategist strengthens internal collaboration, harnesses the organization's network, and documents and synthesizes knowledge, experience, best practices, and lessons learned, all for the benefit of those they work with. Click here to view the webinar: Slides PDF (without voiceover, to enable viewers to read the text and access live links, including the link to the free PDF copy of Guy St. Clair's book Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization):

Timothy W. Powell, Knowledge Agency, New York, USA.

"If knowledge is the world's great currency, this groundbreaking book serves as a high-powered money manager. The book redefines the standards for knowledge leadership, leveraging a historical perspective to drive future value. Essential reading for anyone who seeks to use knowledge and information to navigate, compete, and thrive-personally or professionally." - Vanessa DiMauro, Executive Director, Leader Networks "A very valuable map for those wishing to navigate the shoals and depths of knowledge in organizations." - T.J. Elliott, Co-Founder Knowledge Workings "Many knowledge strategy students and practitioners will find this very useful. EVERYTHING we learned [at a Columbia master's degree course] comes together in one book. Very powerful!" - Julie Govaert, International business development executive "Economists recognize the value of knowledge-sharing - across nations, industries, networks, and departments. Yet, often knowledge practitioners fail to lead with economics, and resort to fuzzy notions of goodness. Timothy Wood Powell's The Value of Knowledge equips us with the tools and evidence to lead with economics. It's a resource worth reading with stopwatch and calculator in hand." - Katrina Pugh, AlignConsulting and Columbia University, Author of Smarter Innovation and Sharing Hidden Know-How "Tim Powell has offered us a well written and widely sourced book that mostly is focused on the value of knowledge-and as a bonus has included his thoughts on quite few other interesting subjects he has pursued over his career. His reading is wide and deep and his reflections are very useful to anyone interested in pursuing the study of knowledge beyond the standard models on offer. Tim is a reflective practitioner and this book is ideal for other reflective practitioners struggling with the elusive topic of organizational knowledge." - Laurence Prusak, lecturer at the Columbia University Information and Knowledge Strategy program and author of Working Knowledge (From the Preface) "We all use the words Information, Knowledge, and Intelligence blithely and sometimes almost interchangeably, and we recognize them as valuable, but how are they valuable, and to what degree? None of them lend themselves to crisp definitions or to easy analysis... The focus of this book is how to understand their role, particularly that of knowledge, in the organization, and how to develop and manage a strategy for your organization to leverage that understanding... The Value of Knowledge then is not just a timely topic, it is one that is crucial that we understand better." - Dr. Michael Koenig, Professor Emeritus Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University (USA) "In The Value of Knowledge, Tim Powell demonstrates and shares his unique understanding of knowledge as an enterprise function, particularly when knowledge is considered as an economic resource. He provides a unique perspective for all readers, including his students and his business clients. A valuable contribution to the literature of knowledge services - especially needed in times of economic challenge." - Guy St. Clair, Lecturer, Knowledge Services, Columbia University in the City of New York "A great work and adds a lot of value to the understanding of what 'knowledge science' and 'knowledge value' is all about... Thank you very much for all the effort you put in the book to make that happen for a greater understanding." - Rüdiger Suess, Senior Strategy Analyst, DLR ThinkTank "Tim's comprehensive book opens with a vignette of him commuting to Columbia to teach a class at the School of Professional Studies (SPS), where I serve as Dean. He ponders whether his students possess the analytical foresight to measure the ROI of their considerable investment in their studies. The Value of Knowledge provides our students, and lifelong learners at large, with the perspective, vocabulary, and tools to assess education's value." - Dr. Jason Wingard, Dean, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

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The Value of Knowledge
The Economics of Enterprise Knowledge and Intelligence
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