Elementary Particles - Accelerators and Colliders

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After a historical consideration of the types and evolution of accelerators the physics of particle beams is provided in detail. Topics dealt with comprise linear and nonlinear beam dynamics, collective phenomena in beams, and interactions of beams with the surroundings. The design and principles of synchrotrons, circular and linear colliders, and of linear accelerators are discussed next. Also technological aspects of accelerators (magnets, RF cavities, cryogenics, power supply, vacuum, beam instrumentation, injection and extraction) are reviewed, as well as accelerator operation (parameter control, beam feedback system, orbit correction, luminosity optimization). After introducing the largest accelerators and colliders of their times the application of accelerators and storage rings in industry, medicine, basic science, and energy research is discussed, including also synchrotron radiation sources and spallation sources. Finally, cosmic accelerators and an outlook for the future are given.

Standard reference book with selected and easily retrievable data from the fields of physics and chemistry collected by acknowledged international scientists

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Accelarators, Colliders and Their Application.- Beam Dynamics.- Non-Linear Dynamics in Accelerators.- Impedance and Collective Effects.- Interactions of Beams With Surroundings.- Design and Princples of Synchrotrons and Circular Colliders.- Design and Principles of Linear Accelerators and Colliders.- Accelerator Technology.- Accelerator Operations.- The Largest Accelerators and Colliders of Their Time.- Application of Accelerators and Storage Rings.- Outlook for the Future.- Cosmic Particle Accelerators.

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