Adsorption Processes on Semiconductor and Dielectric Surfaces I

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This book deals with various physical and chemical phenomena associated with the interaction of a solid surface in a gaseous environment. The authors have gone through a vast body of experimental material on the structure and prop erties of dielectric and semiconductor surfaces from the point of view of ad sorption and catalysis. They have attempted to look into mechanisms of these processes and to outline the ways of controlling them, as long as this seemed possible. A great deal of attention is paid to considering th~ nature of ac tive surface sites responsible for chemisorption, catalytic conversion of adsorbed molecules, and certain electronic surface phenomena. All the prob lems concern physicists working in the fields of microelectronics, optoelec tronics, thin-film electronics, as well as chemists doing research in adsorp tion, catalysis, and combustion. The wide scope of surface phenomena included in this study is dealt with from a firmly established standpoint of solid state physics and the theory of chemical structure and reactivity. The roots of this monograph go back to our earlier book published with Nauka, Moscow, in 1978. The present edition has, however, been revised sub stantially and is extended to cover more grounds and, in particular, recent results. We prepared the manuscript in our native language and Mr. A. S. Dobroslavski was extremely helpful in the translation. For fruitful discussions the authors are grateful to G. F. Golovanova, Yu. A. Zarifyants, S. N. Kozlov, Z. L. Krylova, O. V. Nikitina, L. Ya.

1. Introduction.- 2. Principles of Adsorption and Heterogeneous Catalysis.- 2.1 Physical and Chemical Adsorption.- 2.1.1 The Energy of Physical Adsorption.- 2.1.2 Interactions in Chemical Adsorption.- 2.1.3 The Thermodynamics of Adsorption.- 2.1.4 Statistical-Thermodynamic Description of Adsorption Equilibrium.- 2.1.5 Adsorbent Inertness and the Criteria for Distinguishing Different Forms of Adsorption.- 2.2 Heterogeneous Catalysis.- 2.2.1 Basic Definitions.- 2.2.2 Phenomenological Description of a Catalytic Reaction.- 2.2.3 Specific Features of Catalytic Reaction on the Surface of Metals, Semiconductors, and Dielectrics.- 3. The Nature of Semiconductor and Dielectric Surfaces.- 3.1 Atomically Clean Solid-State Surfaces.- 3.1.1 Techniques of Obtaining an Atomically Clean Surface.- 3.1.2 Methods of Studying the Structure and Composition of an Atomically Clean Surface.- 3.1.3 The Structure of Atomically Clean Surfaces and the Dynamics of Surface Atoms.- 3.1.4 Hybridization of Surface Atoms.- 3.1.5 The Genesis of a Real Surface.- 3.2 The Real Surface of Semiconductors and Dielectrics.- 3.2.1 Hydrate Coverage of Oxides.- 3.2.2 The Structure of the Hydrate Cover of Oxides According to IR Spectroscopy and NMR.- 3.2.3 Electron-Acceptor and Electron-Donor Centers on the Surfaces of Oxides.- 3.2.4 The Structure of Zeolites.- 3.2.5 Surface Energy. The Dependence of the Concentration of Active Adsorption Centers on Particle Size.- 4. The Mechanism of Adsorption on the Semiconductors and Dielectrics and the Reactivity of Adsorbed Molecules.- 4.1 Adsorption of Simple Molecules on Atomically Clean Semiconductor Surfaces.- 4.1.1 Adsorption on Graphite Surfaces.- 4.1.2 Adsorption on Semiconductor Surfaces.- 4.2 Adsorption of Certain Simple Molecules on Hydrated Oxide Surfaces.- 4.2.1 General Aspects of Adsorption.- 4.2.2 The Nature of Adsorption Centers and Mechanisms of Adsorption.- 4.2.3 The Formation of the Adsorption Phase.- 4.2.4 Proton-Donor Centers on the Surfaces of Oxides.- 4.2.5 The Influence of Chemical Modification of Oxide Surfaces on the Protonization of Adsorbed Molecules.- 5. Excited States in Adsorption and Catalysis.- 5.1 Vibrationally Excited Molecules on Solid Surfaces.- 5.1.1 The Lifetime of Vibrationally Excited Molecules on the Surface.- 5.1.2 Heterogeneous Vibrational Relaxation.- 5.1.3 The Role of Vibrationally Excited Molecules in Catalysis.- 5.2 Electron-Excited Molecules in Adsorption and Catalysis.- 5.2.1 The Creation in Electron-Excited Molecules.- 5.2.2 Electronic Excitation and the Reactivity of Adsorbed Molecules.- 5.3 Atomic Reconstruction of the Solid in Adsorption and Catalysis.- References.- Subject-Index.

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Adsorption Processes on Semiconductor and Dielectric Surfaces I
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