Wave Dynamics, Mechanics and Physics of Microstructured Metamaterials

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This book addresses theoretical and experimental methods for exploring microstructured metamaterials, with a special focus on wave dynamics, mechanics, and related physical properties. The authors use various mathematical and physical approaches to examine the mechanical properties inherent to particular types of metamaterials. These include: • Boundary value problems in reduced strain gradient elasticity for composite fiber-reinforced metamaterials • Self-organization of molecules in ferroelectric thin films • Combined models for surface layers of nanostructures • Computer simulation at the micro- and nanoscale • Surface effects with anisotropic properties and imperfect temperature contacts • Inhomogeneous anisotropic metamaterials with uncoupled and coupled surfaces or interfaces • Special interface finite elements and other numerical and analytical methods for composite structures

Explores microstructured metamaterials with a special focus on wave dynamics, mechanics, and related physical properties

Examines the mechanical properties inherent to particular types of metamaterials

Includes self-organization of molecules in ferroelectric thin films


Prof. Mezhlum Sumbatyan is a principal researcher and a Head of Ultrasonic Laboratory in the Institute for Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science, Southern Federal University, Russia.

He is the Member of the Editorial Board in 2 International journals, Member of the Russian Acoustical Society, Member of Technical Committee, European Acoustical Association (EAA), Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia, Member of Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
He has more than 120 papers published in SCOPUS journals. 12 PhD students passed with their thesis under his leaderships.
Research topics:
Ultrasonic NDT, Integral Equations, Inverse problems in mechanics and acoustics, Asymptotic methods in short-wave diffraction, Propagation of ultrasonic waves, Computational Hydrodynamics, Aeroacoustics, Turbulence, Boundary Elements Method.


About different models of anisotropic surface effects for nanosized bodies made of active materials.- An analytical method for an acoustic wave propagation through a finite periodic array of identical cracks.- Simulation of the surface structure of polymer thin films.- On the equations of the surface elasticity model based on the theory of polymeric brushes.- Plane problem on identification of arrays of cracks by the ultrasonic scanning.- Diffraction of the high-frequency waves by arrays of obstacles in the two-dimensional elastic medium, with multiple reflections and transformations.- Numerical investigation of porous elastic metamaterials effective moduli for various structures of spherical pores with surface stresses.- An experimental model of the acoustic wave propagation through a cascading triple-periodic array of cylindrical holes.- On anti-plane surface waves considering highly anisotropic surface elasticity constitutive relations.- Plane problem on identification of elliptic voids in a layered elastic medium.- On weak solutions of boundary-value problems within the highly anisotropic surface elasticity.- Energy characteristics of waves in elastic medium with surface stresses.- Propagation of ultrasonic waves through a system of solid inclusions in the elastic matrix of a metamaterial, with arbitrary reflections and transformations.- The experimental study of a metamaterial with a triple-periodic microstructure on the epoxy base.- Finite element analysis of thermal conductivity for anisotropic two-phase materials with interphase properties inheriting anisotropy of the parent phases.- Finite element study of ceramomatrix piezocomposites with mechanical interface properties by the effective moduli method with different types of boundary conditions.- Homogenization of piezoelectric composites with internal structure and inhomogeneous polarization in ACELAN-COMPOS finite element package.- The properties of acoustic filter in the periodic system of elliptical voids.

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Wave Dynamics, Mechanics and Physics of Microstructured Metamaterials
Theoretical and Experimental Methods
Kartonierter Einband
Springer International Publishing
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1st ed. 2019
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