Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms

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The two volume set LNCS 4431 and LNCS 4432 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, ICANNGA 2007, held in Warsaw, Poland, in April 2007. The 178 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 474 submissions.


Neural Networks.- Evolution of Multi-class Single Layer Perceptron.- Estimates of Approximation Rates by Gaussian Radial-Basis Functions.- Least Mean Square vs. Outer Bounding Ellipsoid Algorithm in Confidence Estimation of the GMDH Neural Networks.- On Feature Extraction Capabilities of Fast Orthogonal Neural Networks.- Neural Computations by Asymmetric Networks with Nonlinearities.- Properties of the Hermite Activation Functions in a Neural Approximation Scheme.- Study of the Influence of Noise in the Values of a Median Associative Memory.- Impact of Learning on the Structural Properties of Neural Networks.- Learning Using a Self-building Associative Frequent Network.- Proposal of a New Conception of an Elastic Neural Network and Its Application to the Solution of a Two-Dimensional Travelling Salesman Problem.- Robust Stability Analysis for Delayed BAM Neural Networks.- A Study into the Improvement of Binary Hopfield Networks for Map Coloring.- Automatic Diagnosis of the Footprint Pathologies Based on Neural Networks.- Mining Data from a Metallurgical Process by a Novel Neural Network Pruning Method.- Dynamic Ridge Polynomial Neural Networks in Exchange Rates Time Series Forecasting.- Neural Systems for Short-Term Forecasting of Electric Power Load.- Jet Engine Turbine and Compressor Characteristics Approximation by Means of Artificial Neural Networks.- Speech Enhancement System Based on Auditory System and Time-Delay Neural Network.- Recognition of Patterns Without Feature Extraction by GRNN.- Real-Time String Filtering of Large Databases Implemented Via a Combination of Artificial Neural Networks.- Parallel Realizations of the SAMANN Algorithm.- A POD-Based Center Selection for RBF Neural Network in Time Series Prediction Problems.- Support Vector Machines.- Support, Relevance and Spectral Learning for Time Series.- Support Vector Machine Detection of Peer-to-Peer Traffic in High-Performance Routers with Packet Sampling.- Improving SVM Performance Using a Linear Combination of Kernels.- Boosting RVM Classifiers for Large Data Sets.- Multi-class Support Vector Machines Based on Arranged Decision Graphs and Particle Swarm Optimization for Model Selection.- Applying Dynamic Fuzzy Model in Combination with Support Vector Machine to Explore Stock Market Dynamism.- Predicting Mechanical Properties of Rubber Compounds with Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines.- An Evolutionary Programming Based SVM Ensemble Model for Corporate Failure Prediction.- Biomedical Signal and Image Processing.- Novel Multi-layer Non-negative Tensor Factorization with Sparsity Constraints.- A Real-Time Adaptive Wavelet Transform-Based QRS Complex Detector.- Nucleus Classification and Recognition of Uterine Cervical Pap-Smears Using FCM Clustering Algorithm.- Rib Suppression for Enhancing Frontal Chest Radiographs Using Independent Component Analysis.- A Novel Hand-Based Personal Identification Approach.- White Blood Cell Automatic Counting System Based on Support Vector Machine.- Kernels for Chemical Compounds in Biological Screening.- A Hybrid Automated Detection System Based on Least Square Support Vector Machine Classifier and k-NN Based Weighted Pre-processing for Diagnosing of Macular Disease.- Analysis of Microscopic Mast Cell Images Based on Network of Synchronised Oscillators.- Detection of Gene Expressions in Microarrays by Applying Iteratively Elastic Neural Net.- A New Feature Selection Method for Improving the Precision of Diagnosing Abnormal Protein Sequences by Support Vector Machine and Vectorization Method.- Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Lyapunov Exponents and Support Vector Machine.- Classification of Pathological and Normal Voice Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis.- Efficient 1D and 2D Daubechies Wavelet Transforms with Application to Signal Processing.- A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Matching Protein Structures.- Biometrics.- Multimodal Hand-Palm Biometrics.- A Study on Iris Feature Watermarking on Face Data.- Keystroke Dynamics for Biometrics Identification.- Protecting Secret Keys with Fuzzy Fingerprint Vault Based on a 3D Geometric Hash Table.- Face Recognition Based on Near-Infrared Light Using Mobile Phone.- NEU-FACES: A Neural Network-Based Face Image Analysis System.- GA-Based Iris/Sclera Boundary Detection for Biometric Iris Identification.- Neural Network Based Recognition by Using Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection of Enhanced Fingerprints.- Computer Vision.- Why Automatic Understanding?.- Automatic Target Recognition in SAR Images Based on a SVM Classification Scheme.- Adaptive Mosaicing: Principle and Application to the Mosaicing of Large Image Data Sets.- Circular Road Signs Recognition with Affine Moment Invariants and the Probabilistic Neural Classifier.- A Context-Driven Bayesian Classification Method for Eye Location.- Computer-Aided Vision System for Surface Blemish Detection of LED Chips.- Detection of Various Defects in TFT-LCD Polarizing Film.- Dimensionality Problem in the Visualization of Correlation-Based Data.- A Segmentation Method for Digital Images Based on Cluster Analysis.- Active Shape Models and Evolution Strategies to Automatic Face Morphing.- Recognition of Shipping Container Identifiers Using ART2-Based Quantization and a Refined RBF Network.- A Local-Information-Based Blind Image Restoration Algorithm Using a MLP.- Reflective Symmetry Detection Based on Parallel Projection.- Detail-Preserving Regularization Based Removal of Impulse Noise from Highly Corrupted Images.- Fast Algorithm for Order Independent Binary Homotopic Thinning.- A Perturbation Suppressing Segmentation Technique Based on Adaptive Diffusion.- Weighted Order Statistic Filters for Pattern Detection.- Real-Time Image Segmentation for Visual Servoing.- Control and Robotics.- A Neural Framework for Robot Motor Learning Based on Memory Consolidation.- Progressive Optimisation of Organised Colonies of Ants for Robot Navigation: An Inspiration from Nature.- An Algorithm for Selecting a Group Leader in Mobile Robots Realized by Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Object Entropy.- Robot Path Planning in Kernel Space.- A Path Finding Via VRML and VISION Overlay for Autonomous Robot.- Neural Network Control for Visual Guidance System of Mobile Robot.- Cone-Realizations of Discrete-Time Systems with Delays.- Global Stability of Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays.- A Sensorless Initial Rotor Position Sensing Using Neural Network for Direct Torque Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive.- Postural Control of Two-Stage Inverted Pendulum Using Reinforcement Learning and Self-organizing Map.- Neural Network Mapping of Magnet Based Position Sensing System for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle.- Application of Fuzzy Integral Control for Output Regulation of Asymmetric Half-Bridge DC/DC Converter.- Obtaining an Optimum PID Controller Via Adaptive Tabu Search.

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Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms
8th International Conference, ICANNGA 2007, Warsaw, Poland, April 11-14, 2007, Proceedings, Part II
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