Agriculture Productivity in Tunisia Under Stressed Environment

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This book highlights recent efforts to sustain agricultural productivity in Tunisia under a stressed environment and aridity conditions. This book's authors gathered a unique set of applications and approaches, including techniques applied to increase yield and preserve the environment, such as organic farming and using biochar amendment and its effects on soils' physicochemical properties.

This book also presents water resources management and water management practices for sustainable soil production, diagnosis, and new farming technologies to enhance water-use efficiency. The book also addresses current livestock strategies intended to maintain production sustainability, increase fish productivity, and initiatives for sustainable tourism development.

Given its scope, the book offers a valuable guide for policy planners, decision-makers, stakeholders, researchers, and graduate students in Tunisia and neighboring countries with similarly stressed environmental conditions.


Dr. Faiza Khebour Allouche is an associate professor of Landscape and Environment at the High Institute of Agronomic Sciences Chott Meriam (ISA-CM), Sousse University, Department of Horticultural Sciences and Landscape, Laboratory of Integrated management of natural resources: remote sensing, spatial analysis and modeling (GREEN-TEAM). She received the BSc. degree in Agronomic sciences from the ISA-CM, Sousse, in 1997, the MSc. degree in Improved crop production in 2000, With Honours, from the National Agronomic Institute of Tunis (INAT), Carthage University. She got her PhD degree in the field of Agronomic Sciences in 2007, with the highest level of distinction, from the Mirail Toulouse2 University, France, and has an Advanced Certificate in Geomatics and Applications from the National School of Geographic Sciences-Marne-La-Valée,Paris, France and the Hassania school of public works, Casablanca, Marocco. Faiza Khebour Allouche  participated in several national and international projects from 1998 until now. She published more than 50 papers in national and international journals and conferences. She is a member of the scientific committee of several international conferences and a member of the organizing committee of others and participated in more than 30 conferences. Her principle background is related to engineering sciences and integrated remote sensing - GIS applications in the field of agriculture and environment and her current research activities focuses on the integration of Geospatial data to assess and monitor agriculture and food security in Tunisia.


Dr. Mohamed Abu-hashim is the contact person and the Associate partner of EXCEED - SWINDON - Middle East North Africa  program "International Network on Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in Developing Countries. Dr. Abuhashim is the manager of Technology Transfer Office (TTO), and the Director of Project Management Unit, Faculty Agriculture, Zagazig University. Dr. Abu-hashim received his Ph.D. in the field of Water Resource Management from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, TU-Braunschweig, Germany His main subject Agriculture Engineering with a good background of hydrology modelling, Geoecology. Subsidiary subjects: water resource management, environmental risk assessment,  and soil sciences. Currently Dr. Abu-hashim works in several national and international projects; Director and the coordinator of the international afforestation project in MENA region.


Prof. Abdelazim Negm is a professor of Hydraulics (and Water Resources) in the Water and Water Structures Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University (ZU). He worked as a demonstrator in the Faculty of Engineering, ZU in 1986 and continued there until he occupied the position of Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. He worked for the EgyptJapan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) as a professor of Water Resources from  December 2012 until September 2016, and was chairperson of the Environmental Engineering Department at E-JUST from March 2013 until March 2016.

Professor Negm has published more than 350 scientific papers in national and international journals and conferences and about fifty book chapters. He has participated in more than eighty-five conferences and was a keynote speaker at several national and international conferences. He has been awarded prizes for best papers three times. His research areas include hydraulics, hydrology, and water resources. Currently, he is very interested in sustainability studies, sustainable development, and the green environment in addition to water resources management. Professor Negm is a member of IAHR and is the head of the Egyptian permanent scientific committee for Water Resources for the promotion of associate and professorship positions for the cycle 20192022, and was the Vice Head for the cycle 20162019. He is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals and international conferences and was a member of the organizing committee of Oceanography 2015, and IWTC2013-IWTC2017, and others. Additionally, he was Secretary-General of the IWTC from 2013 until 2017, then a member of the scientific committee. He was the head of the ZU committee for assessment of the scientific publications of ZU faculties until December 2018. Twelve contributed volumes by Springer Nature during the years 20162019, under the Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (HEC). Recently, more than ten contributed volumes were published under Springer Water series in the year 2020. Also, he published some books in other series. Currently, he is organizing several contrib...

Introduction.- Organic agriculture in Tunisia.- Assessment of the environmental sustainability of family farming: The case of cereal sector in Tunisia.- Sustainability of the olive tree cultivation in arid conditions.- Physicochemical and sensory characterization method to identify originality and valorization of Tunisian date cultivars.- Almond genetic resources in Tunisia- from conservation to a sustainable valorization.

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Agriculture Productivity in Tunisia Under Stressed Environment
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