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Comprehensive and in-depth in its coverage, Atherosclerosis: Cellular, Molecular & Biochemical Mechanism and Novel Therapy reviews the recent progress in atherosclerosis research and offers cutting edge perspectives from experts in the field. Written by an international team of authors including leading physician-scientists, research experts and physicians, chapters are divided into four major sections, covering risk factors, cellular and molecular mechanisms, biochemical mechanisms and novel and future therapeutics. Atherosclerosis: Cellular, Molecular & Biochemical Mechanism and Novel Therapy analyses recent progress from both conceptual and technological perspectives, suggesting new directions for atherosclerosis research and treatment for a growing population of researchers and clinicians in cardiovascular and related fields.


Hong Wang is a professor of pharmacology at Temple University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on mechanisms of vascular disease, using research approaches includinggenetic cloning, molecular biology, protein chemistry and immunohistochemistry. Dr. Wang is the author of numerous publications in peer reviewed journals including Cardiovascular Research, Atherosclerosis, Blood, and Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine.


Contributors ix

Joseph Loscalzo xv

Eric N. Olson xvii

Section I: Risk Factors: Old and New 1

1 Lipoproteins 3
Ming-Lin Liu and Daniel J. Rader

2 Role of Dysglycemia in Atherosclerosis 15
David R. Clemmons

3 Glycation, Inflammation and RAGE: Mechanisms Contributing to the Accelerated Atherosclerosis of Diabetes 27
Ravichandran Ramasamy, Shi Fang Yan, and Ann Marie Schmidt

4 Inflammation 43
Caitlin Collins, Ellie Tzima, and Cam Patterson

5 Homocysteine: A Controversial Cardiovascular Risk Factor 53
Sanjana Dayal and Steven R. Lentz

6 Hypertension as a Risk Factor for Atherosclerosis 63
Annet Kirabo and David G. Harrison

7 The Genetics of Atherosclerosis: From Polymorphisms to Populations 77
Paul Johnson, Jack Kuritzky, and Marschall Runge

8 Life Style 93
Wayne E. Cascio

Section II: Cellular Mechanisms 105

9 Endothelial Cells 107
G. Brandon Atkins, Gabriela Orasanu, and Mukesh K. Jain

10 Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells 117
Dario F. Riascos-Bernal and Nicholas E. S. Sibinga

11 Fibroblasts 129
Christopher Mack

12 Monocytes and Macrophages in Atherosclerosis 141
Shu Meng, Pu Fang, Xiaofeng Yang, and Hong Wang

13 Lymphocytes and Atherosclerosis 155
Anthony Virtue, Jietang Mai, Hong Wang, and Xiaofeng Yang

14 Stem Cells 173
Arjun Deb

15 Platelets 187
Jerry Ware and Adam Corken

16 Development and Use of Mouse Models of Atherosclerosis 197
Peggy Robinet and Jonathan D. Smith

Section III: Molecular Mechanisms 207

17 Mechanisms of the Renin Angiotensin System Influencing Atherosclerosis 209
Hong Lu and Alan Daugherty

18 The Role of Caveolae and Caveolins in Atherogenesis 221
Victor Rizzo

19 Lysosomal Molecular Derangements in Atherosclerosis 235
Pin-Lan Li and Yang Zhang

20 C-Reactive Protein and Its Pathophysiological Roles in Atherosclerosis 247
Jianglin Fan, Jifeng Zhang, and Yuqing Eugene Chen

21 Paraoxonases 257
Srinivasa T. Reddy

22 Prostanoids, Their Receptors, and Atherogenesis 267
Domenico Praticò

23 Extracellular Phospholipases: Role in Inflammation and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease 279
Uwe J.F. Tietge

24 Apolipoprotein-B: The Crucial Protein of Atherogenic Lipoproteins 291
Kevin Jon Williams and Edward A. Fisher

25 HDL Receptor Scavenger Receptor BI: A Multipurpose Player in Cholesterol and Steroid Metabolism in Mice and Man 313
Ying Zhao, Menno Hoekstra, Suzanne J. A. Korporaal, Theo J. C. Van Berkel, and Miranda Van Eck

26 Pro and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Networks in Atherosclerosis 329
Michael V. Autieri

27 E CM and Atherosclerosis 343
Jie Du, Ying Wang, and Lixin Jia

Section IV: Biochemical Mechanisms 353

28 Effects of Nitric Oxide on Atherosclerosis 355
Terrence Pong and Paul L. Huang

29 Protective Role of Heme Oxygenase-1 in Atherosclerosis 365
William Durante

30 Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species in Physiology and Pathology 379
Ping Song and Ming-Hui Zou

31 Hydrogen Sulfide: Role in Atherosclerosis, Mechanisms, and Therapeutic Potential 393
Elvis A. Peter, Jai Varma, and Christopher G. Kevil

32 Methylation and Atherosclerosis 405
Xin-Yu Xiong, Shu Meng, Xiaofeng Yang, and Hong Wang

33 Micromanaging Atherogenesis: Role of Micrornas in Atherosclerosis 423

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