Samsung Galaxy S20 For Dummies

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Get the most out of the powerful new Samsung Galaxy S20

With its superfast refresh rate for seamless browsing and spectacularly enhanced camera--among many other goodies--there's a lot to enjoy about your sleek new Samsung S20. Whether you're a Samsung newbie or an upgrading customer, Samsung Galaxy S20 for Dummies is the perfect guide to the latest generation.

From the basics, like setup and security, to the fun, like the supercool Single Take mode, this book has you covered from the moment you take your new smartphone out of its shiny new box. Want to watch movies? Navigate your way around with GPS? Say hello to family and friends on social media? All the easy-to-follow tips and tricks that make it fast and fun are pages away!
* Configure and personalize your new phone
* Get going with the best features, apps, and games
* Shoot eye-popping photo and video with 30x zoom and nighttime mode
* Sync with your other devices

Whatever you want to use it for gaming with friends, in-app conferencing or emailing for work, shooting home movies, sending witty Tweets--or even making phone calls--this friendly, no-nonsense how-to is the best guide to your galaxy. Enjoy!


Bill Hughes is a veteran marketing strategy executive who has led new product development initiatives and created marketing solutions for companies including Xerox, Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, Motorola, and US West Cellular. He has written for several wireless industry trade magazines as well as for USA Today and Forbes.

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  • Explore all the new features of the Galaxy S20
  • Watch movies, take videos and photos, and use maps
  • Have fun with games, useful apps, and social media

Make the most of your Galaxy S20!

Your Galaxy S20 is loaded with features, and with this book as your guide, you can take advantage of every one. Along with the basics, you'll discover how to take great photos and video, how to keep your phone and your personal information secure, how to sync your phone with your PC and other devices, which apps you won't want to be without, and how to maximize your social networking. Stay in touch, find your way almost anywhere, listen to music, watch movies, explore new software, and so much more!


  • Set up and configure your phone
  • Explore its features and apps
  • Shoot photos and videos
  • Investigate third-party apps
  • Keep your data secure
  • Take advantage of social networking features
  • Check out new software


Introduction 1

About This Book 3

Foolish Assumptions 3

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 4

Part 1: Getting Started with the Samsung Galaxy S20 7

Chapter 1: Exploring What You Can Do with Your Phone 9

Discovering the Basics of Your Phone 9

Taking Your Phone to the Next Level: The Smartphone Features 10

Internet access 11

Photos 11

Wireless email 12

Multimedia 13

Customizing Your Phone with Games and Applications 13

Downloading games 13

Downloading applications 13

What's cool about the Android platform 14

Surviving Unboxing Day 15

Chapter 2: Beginning at the Beginning 19

First Things First: Turning On Your Phone 19

Charging Your Phone and Managing Battery Life 21

Navigating the Galaxy S20 26

The phone's hardware buttons 26

The touchscreen 28

The extended Home screen 33

The notification area and screen 38

The Device Function keys 39

The keyboard 40

The orientation of the phone 41

Going to Sleep Mode/Turning Off the Phone 42

Part 2: Communicating with Other People 45

Chapter 3: Calling People 47

Making Calls 47

Answering Calls 51

Keeping Track of Your Calls: The Recents 53

Making an Emergency Call: The 411 on 911 55

Syncing a Bluetooth Headset 56

Options Other than Headsets 59

Chapter 4: Discovering the Joy of Text 61

Sending the First Text Message 62

Carrying on a Conversation via Texting 65

Sending an Attachment with a Text 67

Receiving Text Messages 69

Managing Your Text History 69

Chapter 5: Sending and Receiving Email 71

Setting Up Your Email 71

Getting ready 72

Setting up your existing Gmail account 73

Setting up a new Gmail account 75

Working with non-Gmail email accounts 76

Setting up a corporate email account 82

Reading Email on Your Phone 84

Writing and Sending Email 85

Replying to and Forwarding Email 87

Chapter 6: Managing Your Contacts 89

Using the Galaxy S20 Contacts App 90

Learning the Contacts App on your phone 90

Deciding where to store your contacts 92

Linking Contacts on your phone 96

Creating Contacts within Your Database 98

Adding contacts as you dial 99

Adding contacts manually 101

How Contacts Make Life Easy 101

Playing Favorites 103

Part 3: Living on the Internet 105

Chapter 7: You've Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands 107

Starting the Browser 108

Accessing Mobile (or Not) Websites 109

Choosing Your Search Engine 111

Deciding between Mobile Browsing and Mobile Apps 114

Chapter 8: Playing in Google's Play Store 117

Exploring the Play Store: The Mall for Your Phone 118

Getting to the Store 118

Seeing What's Available: Shopping for Android Apps 120

Navigating the Google Play apps offerings 121

Navigating the Google Play games offerings 124

Installing and Managing an Android App 126

Downloading the Facebook app 126

Rating or Uninstalling Your Apps 131

Part 4: Having Fun with Your Phone 135

Chapter 9: Sharing Pictures 137

Say Cheese! Taking a Picture with Your Phone 139

Getting a Little Fancier with Your Camera 148

Using the Photo mode settings 149

Settings options on the viewfinder 150

Photo Effects options 152

Managing Your Photo Images 152


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