Coatings Formulation

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Your comprehensive knowledge base when it comes to the formulation of paints and coatings: already in its 3rd edition, this book imparts the composition of coatings clearly, placing special emphasis on the base binder in each type. Advice on specific formulations is then given before formulation guidelines are analysed. Examples of how to develop a real-life paint formulation round off this useful standard work.

The authors were not surprised by the success of the first and second edition, as there had been no comparable reference book on the market that provided detailed explanations of recipes and formulations. Although guide formulations abound, meaningful and informed selections accompanied by notes and evaluations are in short supply. The authors have therefore gladly taken on the task of revising and updating the second edition. To this end, they have replaced outdated guide formulations, eliminated errors and added several new figures.Developing paint recipes or paint formulations is an important part of paint and coatings technology. Unfortunately, paint recipes are listed in very few publications because they are closely guarded secrets of the paint and coatings industry. While starting formulations are available from the manufacturers of raw materials, they cannot be used for a textbook without careful selection and revision beforehand.This book will teach paint formulation in two steps. Each chapter will first describe the chemical composition of and, especially, the binders for the type of paint presented. This will then be followed by formulation advice and an analysis of existing recipes (e.g. starting formulations). This analysis consists in calculating the important characteristic values of coatings, such as the pigment/binder ratio, pigment volume concentration and, as necessary, the hardener addition level. Finally, examples of how to develop a real-life paint formulation are provided in the case of the most important types of coatings. All calculations based on recipes and formulations are worked through step by step and should therefore be intelligible to beginners, as well.The skills acquired in dealing with these recipes can also be employed in other applications, such as adhesives and sealants. This book focuses on the paint formulation itself, and how to arrive at it.Of the many various paint and coating systems available, the selection provided in this textbook features the most important types. The formulations have been developed mostly from starting formulations or patent examples and cannot be used to produce paints without further ado. Patent restrictions or registered trademarks (™ or ®) are not mentioned explicitly. Furthermore, it should be noted that product and trade names may change as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Nonetheless, most of the raw materials described herein or their equivalents should be available worldwide.This textbook seeks to familiarize laboratory assistants, engineers and chemists with the practice of formulating paints. It presupposes a basic knowledge of chemistry, binders, pigments and additives. It will also serve as a reference work for all readers interested in paints and coatings.Würzburg and Münster, Germany in January 2017Bodo Müller Ulrich


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bodo Müller, born 1954. He worked many years in the development of waterbased metallic coatings, adhesives and sealants. Since 1990 he has been a Professor at the well-known University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen/Germany, where he is responsible for the laboratory-manufacturing of Coatings. In total he has already published more than 70 publications.

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Coatings Formulation
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eBook (epub)
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