Blockchain Revolution Technology Explained: Beginner's Guide To Understanding...

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The Blockchain Revolution Is Here!

The sudden boom in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the emergence of new collaborative platforms like Ethereum have brought Blockchain Technologyin public domain, yet very little is known about the subject. Some consider it the base technology for Bitcoin; others consider it a platform. Both are somewhat right and wrong, but definitely, they are not well informed.

This book will explain the basic concepts of blockchain technology and how it functions. It will tell you how it can affect your life and if it has any growth potential for you. Thisbook will raise your awareness of this much talked about subject and explain the concepts in simple words.

It will throw light on the amazing concept of smart contracts andhow it can change the way the world functions today. The coming age will be theage of the internet, and blockchain will have a substantial role to play in it. This bookwill throw light on the ways blockchain technology will affect the functioning ofthe Internet of Things.

We may never know but the applications of blockchain technology are widespread. From healthcare to insurance and business to compliance, this technology will touch our lives in many ways. Being informed about it is the first step towards awareness. Remember that knowledge is power and you must possess it.

Inside you will find:

  • Introduction to blockchain technology
  • Main components of a blockchain
  • The past, present, and future of the technology
  • The perception of this technology
  • Its charismatic components
  • The ways it will affect our daily lives
  • And more…

"Blockchain technology has been called the greatest innovationsince the internet"

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Blockchain Revolution Technology Explained: Beginner's Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technology And Smart Contracts For Cryptocurrencies
eBook (epub)
Christopher Blackburn
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