Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design III

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, CSCWD 2006, held in Nanjing, China in May 2006. Among topics covered are CSCW techniques and methods, collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing and enterprise collaboration, Web services, knowledge management, security and privacy in CSCW systems, workflow management, and e-learning.


CSCW Techniques and Methods.- Cognitive Dust: A Framework That Builds from CSCW Concepts to Provide Situated Support for Small Group Work.- Evaluation of Contextual Information Influence on Group Interaction.- Modeling Contexts in Collaborative Environment: A New Approach.- A Hierarchical Cooperation Model for Application Self-reconfiguration of Sensor Networks.- Developing Ubiquitous Collaborating Multi-Agent Systems Based on QoS Requirements.- Olympus: Personal Knowledge Recommendation Using Agents, Ontologies and Web Mining.- Constraint Information Visualization Methodology for Cooperative Design.- Sharing Design Information Using Peer-to-Peer Computing.- A Technique for Evaluating Shared Workspaces Efficiency.- Robust Data Location Infrastructure in Distributed Collaborative Environment.- Heuristic Frequency Optimizing in GSM/GPRS Networks.- Collaborative Design.- Unexpected Exceptions Handling Based on Chinese Question Answering in Collaborative Design.- An Efficient Cooperative Design Framework for SOC On-Chip Communication Architecture System-Level Design.- Scenario-Based Design Knowledge Acquiring and Modeling in Collaborative Product Design.- A Framework for Sketch-Based Cooperative Design.- Supporting Self-governing Software Design Groups.- Enhancing Support for Collaboration in Software Development Environments.- A Strategic Approach Development for a Personal Digital Travel Assistant Used in 2008 Olympic Game.- A Distributed M&S Environment for Multidisciplinary Collaborative Design of Virtual Prototyping.- A Development Framework for Virtools-Based DVR Driving System.- A New Method for Customer-Oriented Virtual Collaborative Design with VRML Product Model.- Collaborative Manufacturing and Enterprise Collaboration.- Development of a Design Supporting System for Press Die of Automobile Panels.- An Agent-Based Collaborative Enterprise Modeling Environment Supporting Enterprise Process Evolution.- 3D Product Configuration for e-Commerce: Customer-Oriented Advisory Helper of Co-assembler.- A Reusable Design Artifacts Managing Framework for e-Business Systems.- Research on Hybrid Distributed Manufacturing Execution System in Multi-location Enterprises Environment.- A Location Method for the Outdoor Mobile Robot Based on GPS/GIS/GPRS.- A Unified Bill of Material Based on STEP/XML.- In-Process Monitoring of Dimensional Errors in Turning Slender Bar Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Design Methods and Tools.- Approach to Extended CSCW Design Based on Embedded Korean Sign Language Recognizer.- Bounded Model Checking Combining Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation Abstraction with Hybrid Three-Valued SAT Solving.- Automatic Identification of Teams in R and D.- On Demand Consistency Control for Collaborative Graphics Editing Systems in Heterogeneous Environments.- Towards an Emergence Approach to Software Systems Design.- Research of Application Modes of Parts Library System.- A Pi-calculus-Based Business Process Formal Design Method.- Achieving Better Collaboration in Global Software Design with Micro Estimation.- CASDE: An Environment for Collaborative Software Development.- Context Dynamics in Software Engineering Process.- Tracking Design Dependencies to Support Conflict Management.- The Extended Quality Function Deployment in Product Life Cycle Design.- A GA Based Task Grouping for Top-Down Collaborative Assembly Design.- Agents and Multi-Agent Systems.- An Ontology-Based Collaborative Reasoning Strategy for Multidisciplinary Design in the Semantic Grid.- Honey Bee Teamwork Architecture in Multi-agent Systems.- An Agent-Mediated Service Framework Facilitating Virtual Organizations.- A Cooperative Game Theory Based Coalitional Agent Negotiation Model in Network Service.- An Agent Negotiation Approach for Establishment of Service Level Agreement.- Web Services, Semantic Web, and Grid Computing.- A Web Services-Based Architecture for Wide-Area Protection System Design and Simulation.- Semantic Matching of Web Services for Collaborative Business Processes.- Distributed Hash Table Based Peer-to-Peer Version Control System for Collaboration.- Dynamic Heuristics for Time and Cost Reduction in Grid Workflows.- Measurement Model of Grid QoS and Multi-dimensional QoS Scheduling.- Wrapping Legacy Applications into Grid Services: A Case Study of a Three Services Approach.- Service and Components Oriented Environment for Conducting Product Design Specification.- Web Service Success Factors from Users' Behavioral Perspective.- Knowledge Management.- Managing Knowledge in the Human Genetic Variation (HGV) Testing Context.- A Business-Based Negotiation Process for Reaching Consensus of Meanings.- Multidisciplinary Knowledge Modeling from Simulation and Specification to Support Concurrent and Collaborative Design.- Function-Solution-Findings-Model of the Conceptual Design Based on knowledge Ontology.- Security and Privacy in CSCW Systems.- Towards Dynamic Cooperation of e-Services with Security Based on Trusted Right Delegation.- Implementing the Coupled Objects Paradigm for Synchronizing Distributed Applications Through Firewalls.- How to Build Awareness-Supported Systems Without Sacrificing Privacy.- Access Control for Workflow Environment: The RTFW Model.- An Architecture Approach to Dynamic Policy in RBAC.- A Fractal Watermark Solution for Product Data.- Workflow Management.- Optimization of Workflow Resources Allocation with Cost Constraint.- Implementation of Policy Based Management in Workflow Management System.- Refinement of Petri Nets in Workflow Integration.- Flexible Organizational Process Deployment.- An Ontology Based Workflow Centric Collaboration System.- E-Learning.- New Data Integration Workflow Design for e-Learning.- Design and Implementation of a Cooperative Editing System Based on Natural Language Processing.- "SmartContext": An Ontology Based Context Model for Cooperative Mobile Learning.- A Context Framework with Ontology for Personalised and Cooperative Mobile Learning.- A Multiagent Cooperative Learning Algorithm.- Developing a Collaborative e-Learning System Based on Users' Perceptions.

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Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design III
10th International Conference, CSCWD 2006, Nanjing, China, May 3-5, 2006, Revised Selected Papers
eBook (pdf)
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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