Computer Vision/Computer Graphics Collaboration Techniques

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computer Vision/Computer Graphics collaboration techniques involving image analysis/synthesis approaches MIRAGE 2007, held in Rocquencourt, France, in March 2007. The 55 revised full cover foundational, methodological, and application issues.


Published Papers.- An Improved Color Mood Blending Between Images Via Fuzzy Relationship.- Evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease by Analysis of MR Images Using Multilayer Perceptrons, Polynomial Nets and Kohonen LVQ Classifiers.- Joint Bayesian PET Reconstruction Algorithm Using a Quadratic Hybrid Multi-order Prior.- Automatic Combination of Feature Descriptors for Effective 3D Shape Retrieval.- Spatio-temporal Reflectance Sharing for Relightable 3D Video.- Interactive Hierarchical Level of Detail Level Selection Algorithm for Point Based Rendering.- Fast Ray-Triangle Intersection Computation Using Reconfigurable Hardware.- An Applicable Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- MADE: A Composite Visual-Based 3D Shape Descriptor.- Research of 3D Chinese Calligraphic Handwriting Recur System and Its Key Algorithm.- Clouds and Atmospheric Phenomena Simulation in Real-Time 3D Graphics.- Feature Points Detection Using Combined Character Along Principal Orientation.- Fast Virtual Cloth Energy Minimization.- Model-Based Feature Extraction for Gait Analysis and Recognition.- Interactive System for Efficient Video Cartooning.- Virtual Reality Technology Used to Develop Didactic Models.- Copying Behaviour of Expressive Motion.- Illumination Compensation Algorithm Using Eigenspaces Transformation for Facial Images.- Reverse Engineering Garments.- 3D Reconstruction of a Human Face from Images Using Morphological Adaptation.- Robust Automatic Data Decomposition Using a Modified Sparse NMF.- A Brain MRI/SPECT Registration System Using an Adaptive Similarity Metric: Application on the Evaluation of Parkinson's Disease.- Hand Gesture Recognition with a Novel IR Time-of-Flight Range Camera-A Pilot Study.- 3D Reconstruction of Human Faces from Occluding Contours.- The Multiresolution Analysis of Triangle Surface Meshes with Lifting Scheme.- A Note on the Discrete Binary Mumford-Shah Model.- Model-Based Plane-Segmentation Using Optical Flow and Dominant Plane.- A Study on Eye Gaze Estimation Method Based on Cornea Model of Human Eye.- Generation of Expression Space for Realtime Facial Expression Control of 3D Avatar.- Improving Efficiency of Density-Based Shape Descriptors for 3D Object Retrieval.- Segmentation of Soft Shadows Based on a Daylight- and Penumbra Model.- Sub-pixel Edge Fitting Using B-Spline.- Re-mapping Animation Parameters Between Multiple Types of Facial Model.- Data-Driven Animation of Crowds.- A 3-D Mesh Sequence Coding Using the Combination of Spatial and Temporal Wavelet Analysis.- Detection of Wilt by Analyzing Color and Stereo Vision Data of Plant.- Human Silhouette Extraction Method Using Region Based Background Subtraction.- Facial Feature Point Extraction Using the Adaptive Mean Shape in Active Shape Model.- Use of Multiple Contexts for Real Time Face Identification.- Computerized Bone Age Assessment Using DCT and LDA.- Natural Image Matting Based on Neighbor Embedding.- Epipolar Geometry Via Rectification of Spherical Images.- Parallel Implementation of Elastic Grid Matching Using Cellular Neural Networks.- Automatic Segmentation of Natural Scene Images Based on Chromatic and Achromatic Components.- 3D Model-Based Tracking of the Human Body in Monocular Gray-Level Images.- Measurement of the Position of the Overhead Electric-Railway Line Using the Stereo Images.- Hand Shape Recognition by Hand Shape Scaling, Weight Magnifying and Finger Geometry Comparison.- Volumetric Bias Correction.- Object Tracking with Particle Filter Using Color Information.- Fitting Subdivision Surface Models to Noisy and Incomplete 3-D Data.- Classification of Facial Expressions Using K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier.- Cortical Bone Classification by Local Context Analysis.- Line Segment Based Watershed Segmentation.- A New Content-Based Image Retrieval Approach Based on Pattern Orientation Histogram.- A Robust Eye Detection Method in Facial Region.- Accuracy Improvement of Lung Cancer Detection Based on Spatial Statistical Analysis of Thoracic CT Scans.

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Computer Vision/Computer Graphics Collaboration Techniques
Third International Conference on Computer Vision/Computer Graphics, MIRAGE 2007, Rocquencourt, France, March 28-30, 2007, Proceedings
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