Laptops For Dummies

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The latest on getting the most from laptops and tablets

Not that long ago, laptops were seen as luxuries. Now they're practically an essential for many people, and--as faster computing power and super-sharp displays make many of them the equal of a desktop--the new wave of lightweight laptops is increasingly replacing the home PC with its bulky tower and multiple cords. Plus, you can use your laptop when chilling on the couch or venturing out for a quick coffee!

In this fully updated edition of Laptops For Dummies, bestselling tech writer Dan Gookin takes a friendly walk through everything you need to know, from the basics (if you're new to laptops) all the way up to the latest hardware and tech updates--including the recent release of Windows 10. Along the way you'll learn how to synchronize your laptop with other machines, coordinate email pickup across devices, and beef up your security. You'll also learn how to
* Choose the right laptop
* Check out tablet options
* Troubleshoot problems
* Maintain and upgrade

Whether you're choosing a new laptop or want to maximize what you're getting from the one you have, Laptops For Dummies has you covered, wherever you want to work--or play!


Dan Gookin combined his love of writing with his gizmo fetish nearly 30 years ago, and has written more than 170 books explaining technology in a fun, non-threatening way. In 1991 he penned DOS For Dummies, launching the entire For Dummies franchise. Dan's books have 12 million copies in print and have been translated into more than 30 languages.


Introduction 1

About This Book 1

And Just Who Are You? 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: This Laptop Thing 5

Chapter 1: The Portable Computing Quest 7

The History of Portable Computing 7

The Xerox Dynabook 9

The Osborne 1 9

The loveable luggables 9

The Model 100 10

The lunch buckets 13

Dawn of the PC laptop 13

The search for light 15

Modern Laptops 17

The notebook 17

The subnotebook 18

The tablet PC 18

Chapter 2: A Laptop of Your Own 21

Do You Need a Laptop? 21

Why you need a laptop 22

Why you don't need a laptop 23

Laptop Shopping 23

Things to ignore when buying a laptop 24

Things to heed when buying a laptop 24

Software for Your Laptop 25

The operating system 25

Other software 26

Laptop Hardware Buying Decisions 26

Important laptop hardware guts 26

Communications options 28

The green laptop 28

Service, Support, and Warranty 29

The Final Step: Buying Your Laptop 30

Part 2: Say Hello to Your Laptop 31

Chapter 3: From Laptop Box to Lap 33

Laptop Box 101 33

Removing the laptop from the box 34

How long should I keep the box? 36

Submitting the warranty 36

Set Up Your Laptop 36

Finding a place for the laptop 37

Charging the battery 38

Should I plug the laptop into a UPS? 39

Bye-Bye, Old Laptop 40

Deciding when to retire an old laptop 40

Disposing of the old laptop 40

What to Do Next 41

Chapter 4: To Turn On a Laptop 43

Turn On Your Laptop 43

Step 1: Open the lid 44

Step 2: Adjust the lid for optimal viewing 45

Step 3: Locate the power button 45

Step 4: Punch the power button 46

It's Windows! 47

Running Windows for the first time 48

Activating Windows 49

Signing in to Windows 49

What's Next? 51

Migrating your files 51

Reinstalling your programs 53

Adding other accounts 54

Chapter 5: To Turn Off a Laptop 55

End Your Laptop Day 55

Keeping the laptop on all the time 56

Finding the shutdown options 56

Shutting down your laptop 58

Restarting Windows 59

Putting Mr Laptop to sleep 60

Hibernating the laptop 61

Locking Windows 62

Signing out of Windows 62

Switching to another user 63

Shutting down when the laptop doesn't want to 63

Shutdown Options and Configuration 63

Setting the power button's function 63

Determining what happens when you shut the lid 65

Activating hibernation 66

Chapter 6: Traditional Laptop Tour 67

Around Your Laptop 67

Locating removable storage slots 68

Attaching the laptop to something sturdy 69

Keeping the air circulating 69

Discovering the webcam 69

The Pluggable-Innable Holes 70

Look at the Pretty Lights! 71

This Isn't Your Daddy's Keyboard 73

Exploring the keyboard layout 73

Finding the secret numeric keypad 74

Having fun with the Fn key 75

This Isn't Your Momma's Mouse 76

Using a touchpad 77

Obtaining a real mouse 78

Chapter 7: The Tablet PC Tour 81

Tablet PC Types 82

The Tablet PC Tour 83&l...

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