Data Integration in the Life Sciences

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Keynotes.- Challenges in Biological Data Integration in the Post-genome Sequence Era.- Curated Databases.- User Applications.- A User-Centric Framework for Accessing Biological Sources and Tools.- BioLog: A Browser Based Collaboration and Resource Navigation Assistant for BioMedical Researchers.- Learning Layouts of Biological Datasets Semi-automatically.- Ontologies.- Factors Affecting Ontology Development in Ecology.- Querying Ontologies in Relational Database Systems.- Scientific Names Are Ambiguous as Identifiers for Biological Taxa: Their Context and Definition Are Required for Accurate Data Integration.- The Multiple Roles of Ontologies in the BioMediator Data Integration System.- Data Integration I-IV.- Integrating Heterogeneous Microarray Data Sources Using Correlation Signatures.- Knowledge-Based Integrative Framework for Hypothesis Formation in Biochemical Networks.- Semantic Correspondence in Federated Life Science Data Integration Systems.- Assigning Unique Keys to Chemical Compounds for Data Integration: Some Interesting Counter Examples.- Integrating and Warehousing Liver Gene Expression Data and Related Biomedical Resources in GEDAW.- Information Integration and Knowledge Acquisition from Semantically Heterogeneous Biological Data Sources.- Cluster Based Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Databases Using the AutoMed Toolkit.- Hybrid Integration of Molecular-Biological Annotation Data.- Setup and Annotation of Metabolomic Experiments by Integrating Biological and Mass Spectrometric Metadata.- Performance-Oriented Privacy-Preserving Data Integration.- Potpourri.- Building a Generic Platform for Medical Screening Applications Based on Domain Specific Modeling and Process Orientation.- Automatic Generation of Data Types for Classification of Deep Web Sources.- BioNavigation: Selecting Optimum Paths Through Biological Resources to Evaluate Ontological Navigational Queries.- Posters and Demonstrations.- Support for BioIndexing in BLASTgres.- An Environment to Define and Execute In-Silico Workflows Using Web Services.- Web Service Mining for Biological Pathway Discovery.- SemanticBio: Building Conceptual Scientific Workflows over Web Services.- PLATCOM: Current Status and Plan for the Next Stages.- SOAP API for Integrating Biological Interaction Databases.- Collaborative Curation of Data from Bio-medical Texts and Abstracts and Its integration.- Towards an Ontology Based Visual Query System.- Invited Briefings.- Data Integration in the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN).- Data Integration and Workflow Solutions for Ecology.- Eco-Informatics for Decision Makers Advancing a Research Agenda.- An Architecture and Application for Integrating Curation Data at the Residue Level for Proteins.- The Biozon System for Complex Analysis of Heterogeneous Interrelated Biological Data and Discovery of Emergent Structures.

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Data Integration in the Life Sciences
Second International Workshop, DILS 2005, San Diego, CA, USA, July 20-22, 2005, Proceedings
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