Graphs, Networks and Algorithms

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From the reviews of the previous editions

".... The book is a first class textbook and seems to be indispensable for everybody who has to teach combinatorial optimization. It is very helpful for students, teachers, and researchers in this area. The author finds a striking synthesis of nice and interesting mathematical results and practical applications. ... the author pays much attention to the inclusion of well-chosen exercises. The reader does not remain helpless; solutions or at least hints are given in the appendix. Except for some small basic mathematical and algorithmic knowledge the book is self-contained. ..." K.Engel, Mathematical Reviews 2002

The substantial development effort of this text, involving multiple editions and trailing in the context of various workshops, university courses and seminar series, clearly shows through in this new edition with its clear writing, good organisation, comprehensive coverage of essential theory, and well-chosen applications. The proofs of important results and the representation of key algorithms in a Pascal-like notation allow this book to be used in a high-level undergraduate or low-level graduate course on graph theory, combinatorial optimization or computer science algorithms. The well-worked solutions to exercises are a real bonus for self study by students. The book is highly recommended. P .B. Gibbons, Zentralblatt für Mathematik 2005

Once again, the new edition has been thoroughly revised. In particular, some further material has been added: more on NP-completeness (especially on dominating sets), a section on the Gallai-Edmonds structure theory for matchings, and about a dozen additional exercises - as always, with solutions. Moreover, the section on the 1-factor theorem has been completely rewritten: it now presents a short direct proof for the more general Berge-Tutte formula. Several recent research developments are discussed and quite a few references have been added.


Dieter Jungnickel is an internationally known mathematician working in the field of applied algebra, coding theory, design theory, finite geometry, codes and designs and combinatorial optimization.

He has published several well-known books, including "Optimization Methods", "Finite Fields", "Coding Theory" and "Graphs, Networks and Algorithms", some of which have been published both in English and German.


Prefaces.- Basic Graph Theory.- Algorithms and Complexity.- Shortest Paths.- Spanning Trees.- The Greedy Algorithm.- Flows.- Combinatorial Applications.- Connectivity and Depth First Search.- Colorings.- Circulations.- The Network Simplex Algorithm.- Synthesis of Networks.- Matchings.- Weighted Matchings.- A Hard Problem: The TSP.- Appendix A: Some NP-Complete Problems.- Appendix B: Solutions.- Appendix C: List of Symbols.- References.- Index.

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