Understanding and Assisting Low-Income Women with Cancer

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It is almost impossible for someone of middle-class background who has never had cancer to fully understand the plight of low-income women with cancer without first gaining the kind of insight that Understanding and Assisting Low-Income Women with Cancer provides.

The scope of Understanding and Assisting Low-Income Women with Cancer ranges from the personal experience of four low-income women with cancer to a more global view of poverty and cancer. You'll gain valuable insight into the experiences of these women as they relate to treatment, environmental and financial circumstances, societal attitudes, and familial relationships and roles. This informed view will give you the information necessary to offer the best possible care to these women.

This book thoughtfully and intelligently discusses:

  • the interwoven psychosocial stressors that accompany poverty and their resultant impact on low-income women with cancer
  • the ways in which poverty negatively influences longevity
  • the factors that often hamper the recovery of low-income women with cancer
  • clients'points of view about what hurts and what helps
  • case management and support group planning for these women
  • three nonprofit community models for community support
  • the need for political action to protect low-income women who are often forced by financial circumstances to live in heavily polluted areas

    Using this valuable book as a guide will prepare you to offer comprehensive intervention that addresses the specific needs of these women and helps them develop a positive coping style that has been shown to inhibit tumor growth.


Emma Jean Tedder


Contents Foreword

  • Smiling in Here?--Elsa and Helen
  • The Impact
  • The Aftermath
  • Three Interviews
  • Maria's Case History
  • Maria's Interview on Psychotherapy
  • Case Management
  • Support Group Planning
  • Three Community Models
  • Prevention and Social Work: An Environmental Approach
  • Government Agencies
  • Ecological Credo for Social Workers
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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Understanding and Assisting Low-Income Women with Cancer
eBook (pdf)
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