Experimentation and Collaboration

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Experimentation and Collaboration: Creating Serials for a New Millennium will help you see the current direction of serials collection, development, creation, and production as we travel with the electronic age into the dawn of the next millennium. You'll get instant access to the many ways in which traditional boundaries between academic libraries and computer services are dissolving, and you'll see the new sense of egalitarianism that's enhancing scholarship and scholarly communication as the next thousand years approaches.

In Experimentation and Collaboration, you'll be transported instantly to all the best NASIG plenary, project, and issues sessions and workshops you might have missed, such as:

  • surviving scholarhip in the 21st Century
  • building a national electronic collection for long-term access
  • creating an electronic archive
  • understanding initiatives in Internet cataloging
  • finding innovations in journal access
  • surmounting the challenges of managing and delivering e-journals
  • drumming up motivation for staff in changing times
  • handling copyright issues and Web publishing

    Overall, the 12th Annual NASIG Conference was a grand affair, bringing over 600 publishers, vendors, and librarians to Ann Arbor from America, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Great Britain, Germany, and Australia. Experimentation and Collaboration gives you the full range of acitivites at this important conference and ensures that you'll be able to collaborate on, experiment with, and create new serials with the rest of the scholarly world as we begin a new electronic era of information provision, serials publishing, and library science.


Charlene N. Simser, Michael A. Somers


Contents Introduction

  • Back to the Basics: The Serials Acquisitions Elements
  • What's It All About? Integrating the Web into the Serials Chain
  • Using the Web for the Public
  • Using the Web in the Back Room
  • Current Tools/Emerging Technologies for Advanced Web Authors: CGI, Java, Stylesheets, and More
  • The Evolving Market for Libraries: Lessons from the Cereal Industry
  • Scholarship in the 21st Century: Surviving the Next Millennium
  • Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday, But Never Jam Today: Some Modest Proposals for Venturing Through the Looking-Glass of Scholarly Communication
  • Cataloging Internet Resources: An Assessment and Prospectus
  • Full-Text Delivery: The Core Journals Project
  • Building a National Electronic Collection for Long-Term Access
  • A Method Out of the Madness: OhioLINK's Collaborative Response to the Serials Crisis
  • New Ways of Working Together
  • CONSER Goes Out on a Limb: The Interim Guidelines for Online Versions
  • G. P. O. and the Interim Guidelines
  • Cataloging E-Journals at the University of Texas at Austin: A Brief Overview
  • Can I Get It or Not?: A Public Services View of Cataloging Electronic Journals
  • The Library's View
  • The Publisher's View
  • Economic Issues in Document Delivery: Access versus Ownership and Library Consortia
  • Creating an Electronic Archive: Who Should Do It and Why?
  • The Electronic Archive: The Publisher's View
  • Strategic Partnerships and the "New” Subscription Agency: Hopes and Dreams for the Next Millenium
  • Understanding License Agreements for Electronic Products
  • Using ProQuest Statistics as an Aid in Collection Development
  • Outsourcing Continuations Services: Issues and Implications
  • The Accidental Trainer: Techniques in Technical Training
  • Managing Electronic Journals in Times of Change
  • We've Heard the Drumbeat for Years--When Will We See the Parade? The Impact of Integrated Systems on Serials Control and Public Services for Serials
  • The Serials Librarian and Accreditation
  • Partnering in a Changing Medium: The Challenges of Managing and Delivering E-Journals
  • "Full-Text” Access Evaluation: Are We Getting the REAL Thing?
  • Newspapers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Creativity in Serials Cataloging: Heresy or Necessity
  • Fitting Preservation into Your Life: Preservation Basics for Serialists
  • "Mockingbird”--UTK's Prototype Consolidated Serials Information Database
  • Creating Subscription Agent/Client Relationships in the Emerging Serials Environment
  • The Web: A Means of Delivering and Publishing Serials with an Examination of Copyright Issues
  • Planning and Budgeting the Transition to a Digital Tomorrow
  • Happily Ever After? Motivating Staff in Times of Change
  • Developing Meaningful Statistics
  • Merger, Reorganization, and Technology Meet Technical Services
  • Cataloging Electronic Serials
  • What's Next? An Exploration of the Next Phase in Access to Electronic Information
  • From Specialists to Generalists: Issues and Perspectives on Cross-Training Catalogers
  • Planning for the Millenium: Medical Libraries and Publishers Ponder the Future of Serials
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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Experimentation and Collaboration
Creating Serials for a New Millenium
eBook (pdf)
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