Geostatistics Tróia '92

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The contributions in this book were presented at the Fourth International Geostatistics Congress held in Tróia, Portugal, in September 1992. They provide a comprehensive account of the current state of the art of geostatistics, including recent theoretical developments and new applications. In particular, readers will find descriptions and applications of the more recent methods of stochastic simulation together with data integration techniques applied to the modelling of hydrocabon reservoirs. In other fields there are stationary and non-stationary geostatistical applications to geology, climatology, pollution control, soil science, hydrology and human sciences. The papers also provide an insight into new trends in geostatistics particularly the increasing interaction with many other scientific disciplines.
This book is a significant reference work for practitioners of geostatistics both in academia and industry.


Theory.- "Formatting and Integrating Soft Data: Stochastic Imaging Via the Markov-Bayes Algorithm".- "Comparison of Disjunctive Kriging to Generalized Probability Kriging in Application to the Estimation of Simulated and Real Data".- "Aggregation in Geostatistical Problems".- "Substitution Random Functions".- "Towards a Direct Structural Analysis of an IRF-k".- "Filtering Non-Linear Functions".- "Probability Field Simulation".- "Joint Sequential Simulation of MultiGaussian Fields".- "Particulate Stack Emissions from Coal Fired Power Stations".- "Using the Entropy Statistic to Infer Population Parameters from Spatially Clustered Sampling".- "Biased Kriging on the Sphere?".- "Multivariate Geostatistics: Beyond Bivariate Moments".- "Parametric Surface Estimation".- "How Large a Sample Is Needed to Estimate the Regional Variogram Adequately?".- "Depth, Dip and Gradient".- "Simulation of Random Functions on Large Lattices".- "Conditioning a Gaussian Model with Inequalities".- "Geostatistics: Roadblocks and Challenges".- "Random Functions and Fracture Statistics Models".- "Spatial Filtering Under the Linear Coregionalization Model".- "Gravity Data Transformation by Kriging".- "The Spatial Variability of Prediction Errors".- "Relations Between the Indicators Related to a Regionalized Variable".- Petroleum.- "Getting Better Quality Seismic Sections".- "Comparison of Several Methods of Lithofacies Simulation on the Fluvial Gypsy Sandstone of Oklahoma".- "Geomathematical Modelling of a Turbiditic Reservoir in S.E.Hungary".- "Constraining Stochastic Images to Seismic Data".- "A New Approach for Permeability Classes Simulation in Undersampled Oil Reservoirs".- "Introducing More Geology in Stochastic Reservoir Modelling".- "An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Studies Using Stochastic Simulation Techniques".- "Bayesian Kriging for Seismic Depth Conversion of a Multi-Layer Reservoir".- "Indicator Simulation of Petrophysical Rock Types".- "Sequential Modelling of Relative Indicator Variables: Dealing with Multiple Lithology Types".- "Combining Fibre Processes and Gaussian Random Functions for Modelling Fluvial Reservoirs".- "IndicatorPrincipal Component Kriging: The Multivariate Case".- "Modelling Reservoir Heterogeneity with Fractals".- "On the Connectivity of Two Random Set Models: The Truncated Gaussian and the Boolean".- "Semi-Markov Random Fields".- "A Sensitivity Analysis of Geostatistical Parameters on Oil Recovery Predictions".- "Conditioning Reservoir Models to Well Test Information".- "Reservoir Characterization with Seismic Data using Pattern Recognition and Spatial Statistics".- "Sequential Gaussian Co-Simulation: A Simulation Method Integrating Several types of Information".- "Including a Regional Trend in Reservoir Modelling using the Truncated Gaussian Method".- Other Applications.- Environment.- "Analysis of Quasi-Periodic Time Series by a Geostatistical Method with Application to Climatology".- "Kriging Temperature in Scotland Using the External Drift Method".- "Climatological Identification of the Non-Stationarities of Intermittent Precipitation Fields".- "Forecasting Gypsy Moth Defoliation with Indicator Kriging".- "Conditional Simulation: Practical Application for Sampling Design Optimization".- "Predicting Probability Maps of Air Pollution Concentration: A Case Study on Barreiro/Seixal Industrial Area".- "Modelling of Map Impurities Using Sequential Indicator Simulation".- "Paniculate Stack Emissions from Coal Fired Power Stations".- "Kriging the Rainfall in Lesotho".- "Probability Kriging as a Decision Support Tool for Local Soil Pollution Problems".- "Non Linear Approach to the Marine Intrusion Process Modelling".- Hydrology.- "Evaluating the Uncertainty of Leakage Rates of Tejo and Sado Groundwater System".- "Geostatistics to Assist Hydrographic Survey Design".- "Estimation of Spatial Cross-Covariances by Maximum Likelihood Cross-Covalidation: Application to Hydraulic Heads and Transmissivities in a Sandy Aquifer".- "Spatial Structure of Hydraulic Conductivity in Various Porous Media - Problems and Experiences".- "Study of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Hydrogeochemical Variables Using Factorial Kriging Analysis".- "Channel Tunnel: Geostatistical Prediction facing the Ordeal of Reality".- "Regularization of Hydraulic Conductivities: A Numerical Approach".- "Geostatistical Formulations of Groundwater Coupled Inverse Problems".- Social Sciences.- "Multivariate Geostatistics for Soil Classification".- "Geostatistical Interpolation of Curves: A Case Study in Soil Science".- "Quantitative Study of an Evolutionary Soil Sequence".- "Classification of High Spectral Resolution Imagery Using an Indicator Kriging Based Technique".- "Spatial Interpolation of Soil Moisture Data with Universal Cokriging".- "Application of Correspondence Analysis and Factorial Kriging Analysis: A Case Study on Geochemical Exploration".- Natural Resources.- "Assessing Similarities and Differences among Maps: A Study of Temporal Changes in Distribution of Northern Shrimp (PANDALUS BOREALIS) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence".- "Using Geostatistics for Forest Inventory with Air Cover: An Example".- "Geostatistical Estimation of Animal Abundance in the Kruger National Park, South Africa".- Human Sciences.- "Estimating the Risk of Childhood Cancer".- "Some Epidemiologic Applications of Kriging".- Mining.- "Geological and Structural Control in Kriging".- "The Development of an Integrated Evaluation System for a Winvatersrand Gold Mine".- "Sampling of Orebodies with a Highly Dispersed Mineralization".- "Indicator Approach to Characterize Fracture Spatial Distribution in Shear Zones".- "Conditional Simulation: A Mine Planning Tool for a Small Gold Deposit".- "Geostatistical Tools for the Determination of Fundamental Sampling Variances and Minimum Sample Masses".- "Hole Effects in Diamond Cores From Palabora".- "Simulation of Medium and Short Term Mine Production Scheduling Using Geostatistical Modelling".- "Geostatistical Estimation of a Summary Recovery Index for Marble Quarries".- "Coal Preparation and Geostatistics - A Blend of Technologies to Forecast Clean Coal Qualities".- "Estimating the Recoverable Reserves of Gold Deposits: Comparison Between Disjunctive Kriging and Indicator Kriging".- "A Case Study on the Application of Geostatistics and Image Analysis to Mine Planning".

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