Surviving the Death of Technology: Prepper's Survival Guide with Tips to Prep...

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Technology is all around us in almost everything that we own and use on a daily basis. We have technology in our homes, schools, work and even our modes of transportation. We use technology to communicate with one another and conduct business on a day to day fashion.

Now when we talk about the collapse of technology many people will instantly think of the Internet crashing or something to do with the world wide web. Well this is only a small piece of technology. In this book we will explore the topic even deeper and pose the questions that no one wants to think of.

In this book we will first discuss how technology has come into existence and how it has changed from being a fad to being so entangled in our lives that if we were to loose cell phone service of our e-mail were to stop getting through we would start jumping off buildings like at the start of the great depression.

From there we will talk about what new technologies are being introduced into our lives and how we as a society will need to change and adapt. And finally we will talk about how to survive if tomorrow we awoke and all of our technology were gone. What would you do and how would you survive?

When reading this book I want you to think. I want you to come up with your own list of technologies that you use on a daily basis and how your life would be different and what you would need to do in order to survive.

Don't wait another minute. Learn how to live your life if technology were to fail.

Don't Delay. Download This Book Now.

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Surviving the Death of Technology: Prepper's Survival Guide with Tips to Prepping for Technology Collapse (Off the Grid Living Hacks)
eBook (epub)
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