Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, HSCC 2007, held in Pisa, Italy in April 2007. Among the topics addressed are models of heterogeneous systems, computability and complexity issues, real-time computing and control, embedded and resource-aware control, control and estimation over wireless networks, and programming languages support and implementation.


Keynote Speeches.- Networked Embedded Systems: From Sensor Webs to Cyber-Physical Systems.- Control Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks.- The Challenges of Embedded Systems Engineering.- Regular Papers.- Computational Approaches to Reachability Analysis of Stochastic Hybrid Systems.- Groupoids in Control Systems and the Reachability Problem for a Class of Quantized Control Systems with Nonabelian Symmetries.- Minimum Time for a Hybrid System with Thermostatic Switchings.- Complexity Reduction for the Design of Interacting Controllers.- Model Checking Genetic Regulatory Networks with Parameter Uncertainty.- MARCO: A Reachability Algorithm for Multi-affine Systems with Applications to Biological Systems.- Symbolic Analysis for GSMP Models with One Stateful Clock.- Robust, Optimal Predictive Control of Jump Markov Linear Systems Using Particles.- Optimal Switching of 1-DOF Oscillating Systems.- Feedback Scheduling for Pipelines of Tasks.- On Simulations and Bisimulations of General Flow Systems.- A Partial Order Approach to Discrete Dynamic Feedback in a Class of Hybrid Systems.- Systematic Simulation Using Sensitivity Analysis.- Motion Programs for Puppet Choreography and Control.- Hierarchical Synthesis of Hybrid Controllers from Temporal Logic Specifications.- Coupling from the Past in Hybrid Models for File Sharing Peer to Peer Systems.- Approximately Bisimilar Finite Abstractions of Stable Linear Systems.- Learning Cycle-Linear Hybrid Automata for Excitable Cells.- Input-to-State Stability of Discontinuous Dynamical Systems with an Observer-Based Control Application.- A Stochastic Framework for Hybrid System Identification with Application to Neurophysiological Systems.- Reachability for Linear Hybrid Automata Using Iterative Relaxation Abstraction.- Sporadic Control of First-Order Linear Stochastic Systems.- Price-Based Optimal Control of Power Flow in Electrical Energy Transmission Networks.- Robust Test Generation and Coverage for Hybrid Systems.- Minimalilty of Finite Automata Representation in Hybrid Systems Control.- Hybrid Control and Verification of a Pulsed Welding Process.- On Self-triggered Full-Information H-Infinity Controllers.- Impulse Differential Inclusions Driven by Discrete Measures.- CEGAR Based Bounded Model Checking of Discrete Time Hybrid Systems.- Solving Coverage Problems with Embedded Graph Grammars.- Comparing Forward and Backward Reachability as Tools for Safety Analysis.- Approximation of the Joint Spectral Radius of a Set of Matrices Using Sum of Squares.- Metrics and Topology for Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems.- The Image Computation Problem in Hybrid Systems Model Checking.- A New Hybrid State Estimator for Systems with Limited Mode Changes.- Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Predictive Control of Power Systems.- Stabilization of Limit Cycles of Discretely Controlled Continuous Systems by Controlling Switching Surfaces.- Approximate Simulation Relations and Finite Abstractions of Quantized Control Systems.- Finite State Controllers for Stabilizing Switched Systems with Binary Sensors.- Safety Verification of an Aircraft Landing Protocol: A Refinement Approach.- Rate Admission Control for Hard Real-Time Task Scheduling.- Foundations of a Compositional Interchange Format for Hybrid Systems.- Automata Based Interfaces for Control and Scheduling.- Modeling and Optimal Control of Hybrid Rigidbody Mechanical Systems.- Short Papers.- The Concept of Deadlock and Livelock in Hybrid Control Systems.- Reachability Algorithm for Biological Piecewise-Affine Hybrid Systems.- Necessary Optimality Conditions for a Class of Hybrid Optimal Control Problems.- Optimal Switches in Multi-inventory Systems.- Viability-Based Computations of Solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation.- A Method for the Design of Optimal Switching Surfaces for Autonomous Hybrid Systems.- A Hybrid Bellman Equation for Bimodal Systems.- Networks of Hybrid Systems: Connections Faults Modelling and Detection.- Switching-Based Lyapunov Function and the Stabilization of a Class of Non-holonomic Systems.- Composing Semi-algebraic O-Minimal Automata.- A Hybrid Model for Subliminal Air Traffic Control.- On Bicontinuous Bisimulation and the Preservation of Stability.- Efficient Simulation of Component-Based Hybrid Models Represented as Hybrid Bond Graphs.- Diagnosability Verification for Hybrid Automata.- Piecewise Constant Feedback Control of Piecewise Affine Gene Network Models.- Hybrid Models for Gene Regulatory Networks: The Case of lac Operon in E. Coli.- Reachability Analysis of a Switched Buffer Network.- Composition of Dynamical Systems for Estimation of Human Body Dynamics.- Computation in One-Dimensional Piecewise Maps.- Toward Flexible Scheduling of Real-Time Control Tasks: Reviewing Basic Control Models.- Invertibility and Flatness of Switched Linear Discrete-Time Systems.- Trace-Based Semantics for Probabilistic Timed I/O Automata.- Asymptotic Stability of Switched Higher Order Laplacians.- Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Biochemical Networks with Piecewise-Affine Functions.- Guided Randomized Simulation.- Controller Parameters Selection Through Bifurcation Analysis in a Piecewise-Smooth System.- Fully Automated Stability Verification for Piecewise Affine Systems.- Differential Logic for Reasoning About Hybrid Systems.- A Sound and Complete Proof Rule for Region Stability of Hybrid Systems.- Switch Detection in Genetic Regulatory Networks.- Safety Analysis of Sugar Cataract Development Using Stochastic Hybrid Systems.- Case Studies in Event-Driven Control.- Hybrid Estimation for Stochastic Piecewise Linear Systems.- On-Line Optimization of Switched-Mode Hybrid Dynamical Systems.- State Nullification of Switched Systems by Linear Output Feedback.- Fault Accommodation for Hybrid Systems with Continuous and Discrete Faults.- A Heuristic Predictive Logic Controller Applied to Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning Plant.- Distributed Hybrid Control for Multiple-Pursuer Multiple-Evader Games.- A Controller Design Method Under Infrequent, Asynchronous Sensing.

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Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control
10th International Workshop, HSCC 2007, Pisa, Italy, April 3-5, 2007, Proceedings
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