Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies

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Learn the basics of 3D modeling for the popular FarmingSimulator game Do you want to get started with creating your own vehicles,maps, landscapes, and tools that you can use in the game and sharewith the Farming Simulator community? Then this is the resource foryou! With the help of Jason van Gumster, you'll get up and runningon everything you need to master 3D modeling andsimulation--and have fun while doing it! Inside, you'll findout how to create and edit maps, start using the material panel,customize your mods by adding texture, use the correct file-namingconventions, test your mod in single and multiplayer modes, get agrip on using Vehicle XML, and so much more. There's no denying that Farming Simulator players lovemodding--and now there's a trusted, friendly resource to helpyou take your modding skills to the next level and get even moreout of your game. Written in plain English and packed with tons ofstep-by-step explanations, Farming Simulator Modding ForDummies is a great way to learn the ropes of 3D modeling withthe tools available to you in the game. In no time, you'll bewowing your fellow gamesters--and yourself--with custom,kick-butt mods. So what are you waiting for? * Includes an easy-to-follow introduction to using the GIANTS 3Dmodeling tools * Explains how to export models to Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, orFBX * Provides tips for using the correct image format fortextures * Details how to use Photoshop and Audacity to create custom modsfor Farming Simulator Whether you're one of the legions of rabid fans of the popularFarming Simulator game or just someone who wants to learn thebasics of 3D modeling and animation, you'll find everything youneed in this handy guide.


Jason van Gumster is an animator, producer, and designer. He helps moderate the forums at Christian Ammann is the founder and CEO of GIANTS Software, Inc.

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Learn to:

  • Get up and running with 3D modeling and simulation
  • Create custom mods for Farming Simulator
  • Use GIANTS 3D modeling tools
  • Export models to Blender®, Maya®, 3DS Max®, or FBX®

The fun and easy way to get started with 3D simulation

Do you want to get started with creating your own vehicles, maps, and landscapes that you can use in Farming Simulator and share with the community? You've come to the right place! Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies provides step-by-step instruction in 3D modeling and simulation. The hours will slip away because it's so much fun.

  • Modding 101 get an introduction to GIANTS Editor, create and edit maps, use the material panel, and start playing with particles
  • Customize your mods set up a basic modDesc.xml, make a new 3D mod, and export your mod for GIANTS Editor
  • Get your mod out enhance your mods by adding texture, define new objects and behaviors with Lua, and finalize before submitting and sharing them with the world
  • Make the most of modding find tips to remember when creating mods, including sizing textures to fit the physical size of your mod and adding sounds to your mods

Open the book and find:

  • How to customize the behavior of your mod using Vehicle XML
  • Tips for using the correct image format for textures
  • Case-sensitive paths for Mac OS® X support
  • File-naming conventions
  • How to test your mod in single and multiplayer modes
  • Steps to put all parts of your mod into a single Zip mod package
  • Valuable community resources

Introduction 1

About This Book 2

Foolish Assumptions 3

Beyond This Book 4

Icons Used in This Book 4

Where to Go from Here 5

Part I: Getting Started with Farming Simulator Modding 7

Chapter 1: Introducing GIANTS Editor 9

Knowing the Editor's Parts 10

Loading Assets 12

Opening an existing map 13

Previewing objects 14

Navigating in 3D Space 15

Using Framed Rotate 16

Choosing camera views 17

Transforming Objects 18

Translating, rotating, and scaling 19

Selecting objects 21

Chapter 2: Creating Map Mods 23

Preparing a Map Mod 23

Selecting, Organizing, and Placing Props 26

Making complex selections in the Scenegraph 26

Using interactive placement 27

Organizing your map 29

Importing external assets 31

Adjusting User Attributes 31

Triggering Events in Your Map 33

Chapter 3: Editing Sur face Details in Maps 35

Editing Terrain 35

Sculpting the surface 37

Painting textures 43

Painting Foliage and Ground Details 46

Creating farmable land 47

Adding plant life 49

Working with Navigation Meshes: Adding Spaces for Animals 51

Painting information 52

Defining navigation mesh boundaries for objects 54

Generating your navigation mesh 55

Chapter 4: Using the Material Panel 59

Modifying Material Properties 59

Viewing Material Textures 63

Chapter 5: Playing with Particles 65

Discovering the Uses for Particles 65

Working with the Particle Editor 66

Adding Particles in Your Mod 71

Part II: Creating Custom 3D Mods 73

Chapter 6: Set ting Up a Basic modDescxml 75

Creating a New modDescxml 76

Defining Mod Title and Descriptions 77

Adding In-Game Store Items 79

Including Specializations 83

Chapter 7: Making a New 3D Mod 85

Setting Up a New Scene 86

Establishing Object Hierarchy 88

Configuring Materials and Textures 90

Defining material settings 92

Unwrapping objects for texturing 93

Using Your Triangles Effectively 96

Getting your normals right 96

Reducing polygon count 97

Generating normal maps for additional detail 100

Chapter 8: Exporting Your Mod for GIANTS Editor 103

Exporting from Blender 104

Installing the I3D exporter add-on 104

Exporting your mod 107

Exporting from Maya 109

Installing the I3D exporter plugin 109

Exporting your mod 111

Exporting from 3ds Max 112

Installing the I3D exporter plugin 112

Exporting your mod 113

Exporting with FBX 115

Importing Your Mod into GIANTS Editor 117

Part III: Enhancing Your Mods 119

Chapter 9: Adding Texture to Your Mod 121

Working in Proper Texture Sizes 121

Understanding the Texture Types Used on a Mod 123

Coloring with diffuse maps 124

Adding details with normal maps 131

Adjusting shininess with specular maps 132

Baking ambient occlusion textures 134

Using the dirt channel 137

Assembling a Complete Specular Map 139

Optimizing Textures for the Game 141

Chapter 10: Working with Sounds 143

Getting Your Sounds 143

Recording your own sounds 144

Searching online 146

Editing Sound Files 147

Exporting Sounds for GIANTS Engine 149

Bringing Sounds into Your Mod 150

Part IV: Customizing Mod Behaviors 153

Chapter ...

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