Introducing MMS

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ldquo;Introducing MMS” is a collection of information about MMS that Jim Humble has made available over the years via the internet.
This book will be very interesting for all “newcomers” who want to familiarize themselves with MMS and want to read about how its use has evolved. You can follow the development of MMS step by step from the day Jim Humble discovered it until today (2010). When Mr. Humble first made his discovery public more than ten years ago, he only aware that it was able to cure malaria in a matter of hours. By the time he came out with his first book, “Breakthrough,” in 1996, he could be credited with healing more than 75,000 cases of malaria with MMS.
Jim has had to travel a long, hard and lonely road in order to prove that MMS heals not only malaria but also almost all illnesses known on Earth. I met Mr. Humble in Balaka, Malawi, in late 2009, at which time he was working for a few months at clinic run by the catholic church. He worked together with a local doctor to treat 20 to 30 HIV/AIDS patients every day. Jim told me, “I treat cancer as easily as others treat a head cold.” Over time I have learned how true his statement is. For this reason, I have chosen to aid Jim Humble in spreading the word of MMS worldwide by documenting and publishing my own experiences with MMS. By archiving Jim Humble’s information, this book not only provides the reader with a background on MMS but also a historical document covering Mr. Humble’s efforts to bear witness for the future.
“Introducing MMS” explains in plain language what MMS is, what it can do and how it does it. In addition to the collection of texts, this book contains many wonderful pictures of Jim Humble which were taken in 2010 in the Dominican Republic.

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