Sociocultural Perspectives on Volatile Solvent Use

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Volatile solvent abuse is a growing problem that receives little research or treatment attention compared with other drug abuse problems. Whereas prevention programs and other societal factors are reducing the experimentation with a majority of drugs, solvent abuse appears to run its own independent course. Sociocultural Perspectives on Volatile Solvent Use gives you groundbreaking, vital information about the problem of solvent abuse among American Indian and Alaska Native youth. Drug treatment providers, clinical practitioners, and the general community can use the information in this book to understand the patterns of solvent abuse and implement prevention and treatment strategies for other groups within the larger culture.

Among the first book-length publications on this problem, this volume helps you acknowledge the epidemic levels of solvent abuse and treat the problem with the urgency it deserves. Sociocultural Perspectives on Volatile Solvent Use defines the three subtypes of solvent users (young inhalant users, adolescent polydrug users, and adult users), presents a biobehavioral model of drug-taking behavior, and identifies the principal factors related to volatile solvent use. You will also learn the answers to prevention and treatment questions such as:

  • Why does the use of solvents often occur in rapidly cycling epidemics?
  • Can effective policy measures be introduced that will limit the availability of inhalable solvents?
  • What is the optimal length of time needed for effective treatment?
  • What level and type of neurological damage is caused by solvents, and is this damage reversible?
  • What are the unique issues that must be addressed in relapse prevention and aftercare plans?

The peculiar nature of solvent use places it outside the normal range of substance abuse research; thus, knowledge of the phenomenon is quite limited. Sociocultural Perspectives on Volatile Solvent Use addresses this challenge by bringing together a number of solvent abuse researchers to discuss the problem, kindle ideas and interest among others to explore this drug-taking behavior, and show you the clear need for continued inquiry into the phenomena of solvent use and abuse.


Joseph Trimble (Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA) (Author) , Fred Beauvais (Author)


Contents Preface

  • Introduction
  • The Three Common Behavioral Patterns of Inhalant/Solvent Abuse: Selected Findings and Research Issues
  • Cultural Models of Inhalant Abuse Among Navajo Youth
  • Volatile Solvent Use: Patterns by Gender and Ethnicity Among School Attenders and Dropouts
  • The Inhalant Dilemma: A Theoretical Perspective
  • Research Topics for the Problem of Volatile Substance Abuse
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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Sociocultural Perspectives on Volatile Solvent Use
eBook (pdf)
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