Ark of Noah landed in Tibet - Loss of Atlantis Tripura - Beginning of Indus V...

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NOAH (Indra) Nuh in Islam, a prophet, same as the Indian Manu, the Law giver

The Civilisation at the Time of Noah had achieved a very high standard of living and is nowadays known as ATLANTIS, that world that Atlas carried on his Back. At that time a Comet Fell onto the Earth and caused a Polar Shifting. People of Noah had become BIG Sinners, God ordered him to build an ARK and to take his family, his followers, and two or three pairs of Every kind of animal into it. Noah obeyed and built a huge ARK, and those who were with him were SAVED from the big Deluge. God had ordered that there should be Heaviest rainfall for 40 days, and water was coming from all sides and the civilizations were drowned and DOOMED. in the Greek Philosophy this is known as " The Loss of Atlantis" After the Deluge, Noah's Ark Landed in Tibet on "Mount Kailash' or 'Mount Erarat'. In Turkey there is also a Mountain, which has been named Erarat by the Muslims. Before that its name was not Erarat. Those people, who say that the Ark landed on Mount Erarat in Turkey, are NOT Right.

The forehead is the highest in a man, and Tibet is the forehead of this world. It is the place where the first men after the deluge have settled. The ark has become Lake Manusarovar, and the civilisation that has evolved is called 'INDUS VALLEY CIVILISATION'.


An Immortal from Shambhala Council, Disciple of MAHAVATAR Babaji. Have come to establish NEW World Order of Yogic Elite with the Saints and Immortal Yogis. #LivingWordofGod

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Ark of Noah landed in Tibet - Loss of Atlantis Tripura - Beginning of Indus Valley Civilisation : Mahavatar Babaji
eBook (epub)
Kalki Mahavatar
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