Windows 8 Simplified,

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The easiest way for visual learners to get started with Windows8 The popular Simplified series makes visual learningeasier than ever, and with more than 360,000 copies sold, previousWindows editions are among the bestselling Visual books. This guidegoes straight to the point with easy-to-follow, two-page tutorialsfor each task. With full-color screen shots and step-by-stepdirections, it gets beginners up and running on the newest versionof Windows right away. Learn to work with the new interface andimproved Internet Explorer, manage files, share your computer, andmuch more. * Perfect for the absolute beginner, with easy-to-followinstructions and colorful illustrations that show what's happeningon the screen * Covers Windows basics, navigating the interface, creatingaccounts to share a computer, customizing Windows, and working withfiles * Demonstrates how to browse the web with the new version ofInternet Explorer, how to use media features, and much more * The bestselling Simplified series is designed to make iteasy for visual learners to start using new technologies rightaway Windows 8 Simplified gives visual learners confidence asthey start using the new version of Windows quickly and easily.

Paul McFedries is a full-time technical writer. Paul has been authoring computer books since 1991 and he has more than 75 books to his credit. Paul's books have sold more than three million copies worldwide. These books include the Wiley titles Windows 8 Visual Quick Tips, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Excel 2010, The Facebook Guide for People Over 50, iPhone 4S Portable Genius, and The new iPad Portable Genius. Paul is also the proprietor of Word Spy (, a website that tracks new words and phrases as they enter the language. Paul invites you to drop by his personal website at

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Are you new to computers? Does new technology make you nervous? Relax! You're holding in your hands the easiest guide ever to Windows 8 a book that skips the long-winded explanations and shows you how things work. All you have to do is open the book and discover just how easy it is to get up to speed.

  • Tour the Start screen and desktop
  • Install, launch, and work with applications
  • Surf the web and use e-mail and calendars
  • Import, view, edit, and manage photos
  • Create and manage various documents
  • Keep your computer secure and running smoothly
  • "Simplify It" sidebars offer real-world advice
  • Succinct explanations walk you through step by step
  • Full-color screen shots demonstrate each task
  • Self-contained, two-page lessons make learning a snap


Chapter 1. Getting Started with Windows 8

Start Windows 8 4

What You Can Do with Windows 8 5

The Windows 8 Start Screen 6

The Windows 8 Desktop 7

Using a Mouse with Windows 8 8

Using Windows 8 on a Tablet PC 10

Restart Windows 8 12

Shut Down Windows 8 13

Chapter 2. Launching and Working with Apps

Install an App 16

Install Windows Live Essentials Programs 18

Start an App 20

Understanding Windows 8 App Windows 22

Understanding Desktop App Windows 23

Using a Ribbon 24

Using a Pull-Down Menu 26

Using a Toolbar 27

Understanding Dialog Box Controls 28

Using Dialog Boxes 30

Using Scrollbars 32

Switch between Running Apps 34

Uninstall an App 36

Chapter 3. Getting Connected to the Internet

Understanding Internet Connections 40

Set Up a Wireless Broadband Connection 42

Connect a Broadband Modem 44

Create a Broadband Internet Connection 46

Connect a Dial-Up Modem 48

Create a Dial-Up Internet Connection 50

Create a Microsoft Account

Chapter 4. Using the Windows 8 Apps

Surf the Web 58

Send an E-Mail Message 60

Reply to an E-Mail Message 62

Create a Contact 64

Add Social Network Contacts 66

View Your Photos 68

Watch a Video 70

Play Music 72

View Your Calendar 74

Add an Event to Your Calendar 76

Search Your Computer 78

Chapter 5. Surfing the World Wide Web

Understanding the World Wide Web 82

Start Internet Explorer 83

Navigate Internet Explorer 84

Select a Link 85

Enter a Web Page Address 86

Open a Web Page in a Tab 88

Navigate Web Pages 90

Change Your Home Page 92

Save Favorite Web Pages 94

Search for Sites 96

Chapter 6. Working with E-Mail, Contacts, and Appointments

Open and Close Mail 100

Configure an E-Mail Account 102

Send an E-Mail Message 104

Add Someone to Your Contacts 106

Create a Contact Category 108

Select a Contact Address 110

Add a File Attachment 112

Receive and Read E-Mail Messages 114

Reply to a Message 116

Forward a Message 118

Open and Save an Attachment 120

Switch to Calendar 122

Navigate the Calendar 123

Display a Different Date 124

Create an Event 126

Chapter 7. Working with Images

Open the Pictures Library 130

Preview an Image 131

View Your Images 132

Scan an Image 134

Import Images from a Digital Camera 136

Repair a Digital Image 138

Crop an Image 140

Rotate and Straighten an Image 142

Chapter 8. Playing Music

Open and Close Windows Media Player 146

Navigate the Media Player Window 147

Using the Library 148

Play an Audio File 150

Adjust the Volume 151

Play a Music CD 152

Copy Tracks from a Music CD 156

Create a Playlist 158

Burn Music Files to a CD 160

Chapter 9. Creating and Editing Documents

Understanding Documents 164

Create a Document 165

Save a Document 166

Open a Document 168

Edit Document Text 170

Change the Text Font 174

Find Text 176

Replace Text 178

Chapter 10. Working with Files

View Your Files 182

Select a File 184

Change the File View 186

Preview a File 187

Copy a Fil...

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