Plant Breeding Reviews

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Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops widely grown today stem from a very narrow genetic base; understanding and preserving crop genetic resources is vital to the security of food systems worldwide. The emphasis of the series is on methodology, a fundamental understanding of crop genetics, and applications to major crops.


Contributors ix

1 Salvatore Ceccarelli: Plant Breeder, Mentor, and Farmers' Friend 1
Stefania Grando

I. Biographical Sketch and Background 2

II. Research 6

III. The Man 17

IV. The Mentor and Inspirer 19

V. The Innovator 20

VI. The Supporter of National Programs 21

VII. The Advocate of Farmers 21

Acknowledgments 22

Literature Cited 22

Selected Publications of Salvatore Ceccarelli 25

2 Maize Cross Incompatibility and the Promiscuous Ga1m Allele 31
Major M. Goodman, Zachary G. Jones, G. Jesus Sanchez, and Jerry L. Kermicle

I. Historical Background 33

II. Ga1 (GametophyteFactor 1), Ga2 (GametophyteFactor 2), and Tcb1 (TeosinteCrossingBarrier 1) 34

III. Ga1m (GametophyteFactor 1Male) 35

IV. Locus Composition 35

V. Gametophytic Selective Advantage 36

VI. Silk Reactions 36

VII. Mapping Gametophytic Loci 38

VIII. Geographical Distribution of Ga1 Alleles 38

IX. Distribution of Ga1 Alleles in Commercial Materials 41

X. Teosinte and Maize 41

XI. Popcorn and Organic Isolations 43

XII. Exceptionally Strong CrossIncompatible Sources Within Maize 44

XIII. Caution Concerning Use of Ga1m 45

XIV. Genetic Modifiers 46

XV. Molecular Characterizations 47

XVI. Recent Conclusions 47

XVII. Practical Use of PollenBlockers 47

XVIII. Future Prospects 50

Acknowledgments 54

Literature Cited 54

3 Development of the Genetically Modified Innate® Potato 57
Craig M. Richael

I. Introduction 58

II. Innate® Generation 1 Potato Varieties 65

III. Innate® Generation 2 Potato Varieties 71

IV. Future Innate® Potato Varieties 74

V. Conclusions 75

Literature Cited 76

4 Cucumis sativus Chromosome Evolution, Domestication, and Genetic Diversity: Implications for Cucumber Breeding 79
Yiqun Weng

I. Introduction 81

II. Chromosome Evolution in the Making of Cucumber 83

III. Chromosome Evolution During Cucumber Domestication 86

IV. Diffusion of Cucumber to the World From its Center of Diversity and the Formation of Market Groups 90

V. Types of Cucumbers: Fresh Market vs Processing 92

VI. Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Cucumber Collection 94

VII. Genetic Basis of DomesticationRelated Traits in Cucumbers 96

VIII. Chromosome Evolution, Domestication, and Genetic Diversity: Implications for Cucumber Breeding 101

Acknowledgments 104

Literature Cited 104

5 Freelance Plant Breeding 113
Carol S. Deppe

I. Introduction 115

II. Evolution of a Freelance Plant Breeder 116

III. Who and Where 119

IV. How Freelancers Learn the Plant Breeding Trade 130

V. WhyMotivations and Values 136

VI. Crops 139

VII. Goals 146

VIII. Methods 151

IX. Sources of Germplasm 161

X. Economics of Freelance Plant Breeding 164

XI. Freelance Plant Breeding That Doesn't Fit Commercial Models 174

XII. Open Source Seed Initiative and Freelance Plant Breeding 176

XIII. Future Prospects 180

Acknowledgments 183

Literature Cited 183

6 Meadowfoam Breeding 187
Jennifer G. Kling

I. Introduction 189

II. Botany and Taxonomy of Limnanthes 190

III. Meadowfoam Breeding Organizations 195

IV. Seed Production Requirements 197

V. Greenhouse and Field Plot Techniques 201

VI. Selection Methods 206

VII. Breeding...

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