iPad for the Older and Wiser

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Apple's iPad puts a limitless world of entertainment,communication, and everyday functionality in the palms of yourhands. iPad for the Older and Wiser, 4th Edition quicklyteaches you how to make the most of your new gadget witheasy-to-follow instructions. Fully updated to include the iPad Air and iOS 7, thisstep-by-step guide shows you exactly how to set up your device anddiscover what it can do - all in jargon-free language. Learn how to: * Set up your iPad and copy music and photos from yourcomputer * Keep in touch with email and messages * Browse the web and shop online * Have video chats with your friends and family * Discover a digital library of books and magazines * Use Siri to dictate memos, create and send emails, and answerquestions * Explore new places and get directions with maps * Take photos and videos and share them with friends * Enhance your iPad or iPad mini with amazing apps

Sean McManus (Uxbridge, UK) is a technology and business author. Some of his previous books include, Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser, Social Networking for the Older and Wiser, iPad for the Older and Wiser (and 3rd edition). As a journalist, Sean has written tutorials and feature articles for magazines including Internet Magazine (where he was staff writer), Internet Works, Business 2.0, Start and Run Your Business, Making Music, Melody Maker and Personal Computer World.

Mark Hattersley (London, UK) is an avid Mac enthusiast. He has been working with Apple products since first coming across a Macintosh at college, where he was instantly hooked on its beauty and simplicity. Since then Mark has spent time writing about technology, and how it can improve people's lives. Mark specialises in helping people understand how to use the devices and gadgets in their lives, and can explain complicated technology in everyday language. Mark writes for most major magazines and technology websites including Mac Format, MSN, BT.com, Macworld and iCreate.


Introduction 1

What is the iPad? 1

How this book is structured 4

Part I Getting started with your iPad 5

Chapter 1 Choosing an iPad 7

How much storage space do you need? 8

Which generation of iPad to choose 9

Connecting to the Internet: Wi-Fi or 4G/3G? 10

Summary 13

Brain training 14

Chapter 2 Getting your iPad up and running 15

Setting up your iPad 15

Turning the iPad on and off 17

Completing your iPad settings 17

Confirming setup over Wi-Fi 18

Creating an Apple ID 21

Enabling useful features 22

Navigating the Home screen 25

Changing the iPad orientation 26

Making your iPad easier to use 27

Adjusting other iPad settings 29

Charging your iPad 31

Summary 33

Brain training 34

Chapter 3 Getting connected 35

Setting up your Internet connection 35

Securing your iPad 41

Using the iTunes software on your computer 43

Introducing iCloud 48

Updating your iPad software 52

Apple iOS 7: the latest iPad software 53

Summary 54

Brain training 55

Chapter 4 Keeping notes on your iPad 57

Understanding the Notes screen 58

Writing your first note 59

Dictating notes to your iPad 64

Dictating notes with Siri 65

Using Auto-text to speed up your writing 66

Creating your own shortcuts 67

Editing your text 68

Adding and deleting notes 73

Emailing and printing notes 74

Searching your notes 75

Using the Reminders app 78

Summary 80

Brain training 82

Part II Using your iPad for communications 83

Chapter 5 Managing your address book and birthday list 85

Browsing your contacts 86

Adding contacts to your iPad 88

Adding birthdays and anniversaries 90

Searching your contacts 92

Summary 93

Brain training 94

Chapter 6 Keeping in touch by email 95

Creating an email account 96

Using an existing email account on your iPad 98

Sending an email 104

Reading your emails 108

Managing email folders 112

Searching your emails 114

Downloading new emails 115

Summary 116

Brain training 118

Chapter 7 Using FaceTime for video calls 119

Logging in to FaceTime 121

Starting a FaceTime call 121

Talking to a friend using FaceTime 123

Receiving a FaceTime call 125

Summary 126

Brain training 128

Chapter 8 Sending instant messages using iMessage 129

Sending messages 130

Splitting the keyboard 133

Managing message alerts through the Notification Centre 134

Summary 138

Brain training 139

Chapter 9 Browsing the web 141

Entering a website address 142

Using the search box 144

Zooming the page 146

Scrolling the page 147

Using links on websites 149

Entering information on websites 149

Launching multiple websites with tabbed browsing 151

Managing bookmarks, history and web clips 154

Sharing website content 160

Using Reader to make it easier to read pages 163

Using Private Browsing mode 164

Summary 164

Brain training 166

Part III Music, videos and photos 167

Chapter 10 Adding music and video 169

Browsing the iTunes Store 170

Buying music and video from iTunes 172


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