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An Interactive, Easy-to-Use Introductory Guide to Major Biology Concepts

For students looking for a solid introduction to Biology, the new 3rd Edition of Biology: A Teaching Guide is the perfect learning tool. The latest edition has been updated to include the most up-to-date information on everything from photosynthesis to physiology.

For students preparing for exams or individuals who want to review material from years past, the step-by-step format is designed to help students and teachers alike easily understand complex concepts, key terms, and frequently asked questions. The guide includes a comprehensive glossary and self-test questions in each chapter, allowing students to reinforce their knowledge and better understand the concepts.

In A Teaching Guide, learn about the foundational aspects of biology, including:

* How photosynthesis occurs

* Whether viruses are living or dead

* The reproductive sexual terms behind cloning

* Comprehensive treatment of all aspects of life science

Thoroughly updated with self-teaching practice exams and questions, this comprehensive guide is designed to give students the tools they need to master the fundamental concepts and critical definitions behind biology.


STEVEN DANIEL GARBER, PHD, is an environmental advisor, author, and educator. He has taught biology in public schools and at Cornell University, the City University of New York, and Rutgers University. Steven has worked as a biologist at the American Museum of Natural History, the National Park Service, Yale University's Peabody Museum of Natural History, and the New York City Parks Department. He is the author of The Urban Naturalist and Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide.

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Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide helps you master the fundamentals of the science of life. Using classroom-proven learning tools, you will gain a deeper understanding of the origin, structure, and vital processes of living organisms. Thoroughly updated throughout, this edition organizes, condenses, and illustrates key concepts and terminology while explaining all the essential points needed to fully grasp each essential aspect of life science.

You will gradually build upon your knowledge as you explore the origin of life, cellular division and respiration, and viruses and subviruses. You'll also learn about plants and invertebrates, the Animal Kingdom, circulatory, muscular, and skeletal systems, and more. This classroom-proven learning resource provides:

  • An accessible, easy-to-follow format to enable you to learn at your own pace
  • Numerous practice questions to reinforce what you've learned
  • Self-teaching practice questions with full answers to identify what you need to focus on
  • Key term definitions and a downloadable online glossary to help you better understand the material
  • Photographs and illustrations to highlight important points of learning
  • Clear and concise chapters to teach you all major biological concepts and terms, including evolution, cell biology, reproduction, physiology, the brain and the nervous systems, botany and ecology

Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide is a must-have volume for students looking to excel in high school or college biology courses, as well as a perfect study companion for anyone preparing for standardized exams in biology.


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1 Origin of Life

2 Cell Structure

3 Cell Division

4 Reproduction

5 Cellular Respiration

6 Photosynthesis

7 Homeostasis

8 Hormones

9 The Brain and the Nervous System

10 Bones and Muscles

11 Internal Transport: Plants and Invertebrates

12 Circulatory System

13 Blood

14 Nutrition

15 Viruses and Subviruses

16 Ecology

17 Monera

18 Protista

19 Fungi

20 Plant Kingdom: Plantae

21 Animal Kingdom: Animalia

Glossary (The glossary in this book is a short version: the full unabridged (much longer!) glossary is available online (no fee) at


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