Sulfur in the Atmosphere

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Sulfur in the Atmosphere covers the proceedings of the International Symposium held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia on September 7-14, 1977. The text focuses on the processes involved in the transfer of sulfur through the atmospheric environment, particularly noting its distribution in space in gas, liquid, and solid phases.
The book first offers information on the properties of sulfur and the processes involved in its determination, as well as measurement methods, chemical transformations, dry and wet deposition, and aerosol dynamics. The publication also looks at water-soluble sulfur compounds in aerosols, chemical properties of tropospheric sulfur aerosols, and sampling and analysis of atmospheric sulfates and related species.
The text examines the techniques involved in the identification of chemical composition of aerosol sulfur compounds. Topics include thermal volatilization, thermometric methods, wet chemical identification, and laser Raman spectroscopy. The publication also reviews the calculation of long term sulfur deposition in Europe; transmission of sulfur dioxide on local, regional, and continental scale; and airborne sampling system for the monitoring of plume.
The book is a dependable source of data for readers interested in the transfer of sulfur through the atmospheric environment.


List of Participants



Water-Soluble Sulphur Compounds in Aerosols

Chemical Properties of Tropospheric Sulfur Aerosols

Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheric Sulfates and Related Species

A Quantitative Method for The Detection of individual Submicrometer Size Sulphate Particles

Continuous Measurement and Speciation of Sulfur-Containing Aerosols by Flame Photometry

Continuous in Situ Monitoring of Ambient Particulate Sulfur Using Flame Photometry and Thermal Analysis

The Aerosol Mobility Chromatograph: A New Detector for Sulfuric Acid Aerosols

Total Sulfur Aerosol Concentration With An Electrostatically Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector System

Techniques for Determining The Chemical Composition of Aerosol Sulfur Compounds

Remote Sensing of Sulphur Dioxide

The Physical Characteristics of Sulfur Aerosols

Physical Properties of Atmospheric Particulate Sulfur Compounds

Aerosol Growth Kinetics During S02 Oxidation

Experimental and Theoretical Examination of the Formation of Sulfuric Acid Particles

A Review of the Dynamics of Sulfate Containing Aerosols

Mechanism of the Homogeneous Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide in The Troposphere

Homogeneous Oxidation of Sulphur Compounds in The Atmosphere

Heterogeneous S02-Oxidation in The Droplet Phase

Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide in Aqueous Systems With Particular Reference to the Atmosphere

Adsorption and Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide On Particles

The Formation and Stability of Sulfite Species in Aerosols

Precursor Effects On S02 Oxidation

Experimental investigation of the Aerosol-Catalyzed Oxidation of S02 Under Atmospheric Conditions

Interactions Between S02 and Carbonaceous Particulates

Airborne investigations of S02 Oxidation in The Plumes From Power Stations

A Study of Production and Growth of Sulfate Particles in Plumes From A Coal-Fired Power Plant

Cloud Nucleus Formation in A Power Plant Plume

Nuclei Formation Rates in A Coal-Fired Power Plant Plume

Aerosol Size Distributions and Aerosol Volume Formation for A Coal-Fired Power Plant Plume

The Relationship Between Sulphate and Sulphur Dioxide in The Air

Conversion Limit and Characteristic Time of S02 Oxidation in Plumes

Dry and Wet Removal of Sulphur From The Atmosphere

Dry Deposition of S02

Dry Deposition of S02 On Agricultural Crops

Input of Atmospheric Sulfur by Dry and Wet Deposition To Two Central European Forest Eco-Systems

Pseudospectral Simulation of Dry Deposition From A Point Source

Wet Removal of Sulfur Compounds From the Atmosphere

Sulphur and Nitrogen Contributions to the Acidity of Rain

An Improved Model of Reversible S02-Washout by Rain

Sulfate in Precipitation As Observed by The European Atmospheric Chemistry Network

Meteorology of Long-Range Transport

An Assessment of the OECD Study On Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants (LRTAP)

Sulphur Emissions in Europe

Meteorological Aspects of the Transport of Pollution Over Long Distances

The Oecd Study of Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants: Long Range Transport Modelling

The Calculation of Long Term Sulphur Deposition in Europe

Transformation and Removal Processes for Sulfur Compounds in the Atmosphere As Described by A One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Diffusion Model

Long Term Regional Patterns and Transfrontier Exchanges of Airborne Sulfur Pollution in Europe

Transmission of Sulfur Dioxide On Local, Regional and Continental Scale

Sulfates in The Atmosphere: A Progress Report On Project MISTT

Sulfur Budget of A Power Plant Plume

Project MISST: Mesoscale Plume Modeling of the Dispersion, Transformation and Ground Removal of S02

Project MISST: Kinetics of Particulate Sulfur Formation in A Power Plant Plume Out To 300 Km

A Chemical Model for Urban Plumes: Test for Ozone and Particulate Sulfur Formation in St. Louis Urban Plume

Transport of S02 in Power Plant Plumes: Day and Night

Airborne Sampling System for Plume Monitoring

Satellite Detection of Long-Range Pollution Transport and Sulfate Aerosol Hazes

Assessment of the Fate of Sulfur Dioxide From A Point Source

Sulfate Regional Experiment in Northeastern United States: The "Sure1 Program"

Map3s: An investigation of Atmospheric, Energy Related Pollutants in The Northeastern United States

Large-Scale Atmospheric Sulfur Studies in Canada

Budgets and Turn-Overtimes of Atmospheric Sulfur Compounds

Large Scale Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Sulfur Compounds

The influence of Clouds and Rain On the Vertical Distribution of Sulfur Dioxide in A One-Dimensional Steady-State Model

Concentration of Sulfur Compounds in Remote Continental and Oceanic Areas

Maritime Sulfate Over The North Atlantic

New Methods for The Analysis of S02 and H2s in Remote Areas and their Application to the Atmosphere

Sulfate in Antarctic Snow: Spatio-Temporal Distribution

Aerosol Characterization for Sulfur Oxide Health Effects Assessment

Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Airborne Suliate in Parts of the United States

Sulfuric Acid Particles in Subsiding Air Over Japan

Large-Scale Measurement of Airborne Particulate Sulfur

Characteristics of Sulfur Aerosol in Florida As Determined by Pixe Analysis

The Same-Day Impact of Power Plant Emissions of Sulfate Levels in the Los Angeles Air Basin

Sulphates and Sulphuric Acid in The Atmosphere in The Years 1971-1976 in The Netherlands

Visibility in London and The Long Distance Transport of Atmospheric Sulphur

Short Communication

Experimental Results On The S02 Transfer in The Mediterranean Obtained with Remote Sensing Devices

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Proceedings of the International Symposium Held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 7-14 September 1977
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