Paleontology and Geology of Laetoli: Human Evolution in Context

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This volume 2 and its companion volume 1 present the results of new investigations into the geology, paleontology and paleoecology of the early hominin site of Laetoli in northern Tanzania. The site is one of the most important paleontological and paleoanthropological sites in Africa, worldrenowned for the discovery of fossils of the early hominin Australopithecus afarensis, as well as remarkable trails of its footprints. The first volume provides new evidence on the geology, geochronology, ecology, ecomorphology and taphonomy of the site. The second volume describes newly discovered fossil hominins from Laetoli, belonging to Australopithecus afarensis and Paranthropus aethiopicus, and presents detailed information on the systematics and paleobiology of the diverse associated fauna. Together, these contributions provide one of the most comprehensive accounts of a fossil hominin site, and they offer important new insights into the early stages of human evolution and its context.


Introduction Terry Harrison 2 Rodents Christiane Denys 3 The lower third premolar of Serengetilagus praecapensis (Mammalia: Lagomorpha: Leporidae) from Laetoli, Tanzania Alisa J. Winkler and Yukimitsu Tomida 4 Macroscelidea Alisa J. Winkler 5 Galagidae (Lorisoidea, Primates) Terry Harrison 6 Cercopithecids (Cercopithecidae, Primates) Terry Harrison 7 Hominins from the Upper Laetolil and Upper Ndolanya Beds, Laetoli Terry Harrison 8 Carnivora Lars Werdelin and Reihaneh Dehghani 9 Proboscidea William J. Sanders 10 Orycteropodidae Terry Harrison 11 Rhinoceroses Elina Hernesniemi, Ioannis X. Giaourtsakis, Alistair R. Evans and Mikael Fortelius 12 Equidae Miranda Armour-Chelu and Raymond L. Bernor 13 Suidae Laura C. Bishop 14 Giraffidae Chris A. Robinson 15 Bovidae Alan W. Gentry 16 Amphibia and Squamata Jean-Claude Rage and Salvador Bailon 17 Tortoises (Chelonii, Testudinidae) Terry Harrison 18 Aves Antoine Louchart 19 Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) Frank-T. Krell and Wolfgang Schawaller 20 Lepidoptera, Insecta Ian J. Kitching and S. James 21 Trace fossils interpreted in relation to the extant termite fauna at Laetoli, Tanzania Johanna P. E. C. Darlington 22 Gastropoda Peter Tattersfield

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Paleontology and Geology of Laetoli: Human Evolution in Context
Volume 2: Fossil Hominins and the Associated Fauna
eBook (pdf)
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